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Friday, 16 December 2011

INIKA Mineral Foundation

Inika is a line of pure mineral make up. Half of the line is certified organic, all the products are vegan. Mineral ranges as a whole don't tend to appeal to me as they have caused my skin problems in the past. However, the formula's seem better now and some brands are omitting certain ingredients I found irritating such as Bismuth Oxychloride.
I bought the lightest shade Grace (£25.55), it does darken slightly on application but is just light enough for me, though probably best suited to a MAC shade 15. My mother has the next shade up called Strength and this is a good match for her, she would be a MAC shade 20/25. I thought I'd show them both together, you can see that both lean warm in tone.

It causes my skin no breaks outs nor irritation.The coverage is extremely good, you can really go full with this if you choose to.
It doesn't make me look oily/shiny but does impart a bit of radiance to the skin. I find it wears well through the day.
One thing I would say is that I do have to buff it in well over my pores (I do find this a common problem with mineral foundations though) so it is worth getting the right brush for this.
The only real drawback I have found with this is application on skin that is rather dry. I have had this for a while now but have noticed as my skin gets dryer with this colder weather, it has started looking a bit cakey/dry on me. So for the colder winter months I'll switch back to a liquid foundation.
Overall I'm very pleased and I will certainly re-buy this.


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