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Friday, 6 November 2009

Jo Malone Fragrance Combining Starter Set

I had a really big list of products I wanted to get but as I don’t have a store near me decided it would not be that clever to order scents that I have never tried before. I bought the Fragrance Combining Starter Set as I thought this a good way to try a range of the products.The set contains Pomegranate Noir Cologne 9ml, Orange Blossom Cologne 9ml, Blue Agava & Cacao Bath Oil 30ml, Grapefruit Shower Gel 15ml, French Lime Blossom Body Crème 15ml and Lime Basil & Mandarin Body Lotion 30ml and costs £32. Pictured below with my 30 ml Blue Agava which was a repeat buy.
I’ve seen a lot of raves for the cream but was hesitant to take a punt and put £45 down on this. Having now tried it, I am glad I played safe. It is very moisturising and the scent is pleasant but its no better than a lot of other high end creams I have tried and I found the scent no longer lasting. The lotion moisturised well too and the scent lasted longer (although this maybe due to the particular scent) however again I didn’t think the quality exceeded other brands.
I had tried the bath oils before (I was bought a collection set as a Christmas present) but wasn’t overly impressed, well things haven’t changed, the smell is nice, it moisturises well but I have to use a lot of product to get a pleasant effect.
The showergel I did like, the texture and how it left my skin would be worth the price but I was disappointed that the scent did not last at all. I may try this in another scent but the other products I won’t be buying. I feel a bit disappointed and guess I was expecting a lot due to the price.
Moving on to the Colognes, Orange blossom, seems a musty, powdery floral on me and Pomegranate Noir, which is a warming spicy scent (my husband says it smells exactly like Ginger beer), I can’t help but feel this is more suited as a bath/shower/room scent rather than a perfume. I also got samples of the Vanilla Anise cologne in my order, at first I found it a really nice light floral but it took on a bizarre edge on the dry down. Jo Malone’s perfumes seem to be notorious for varying dramatically dependent on the wearer; I’ve often seen a glowing review followed by a crushing one where the reviewer has said it reacted against their body chemistry.
I would be interested to try some of the other fragrances, as I do really like my Blue Agava . I do think for a gift the introductionary sets are the way to go and hopefully they will expand their collection of these.
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