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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

SUQQU Blend Colur Eyeshadow 04 Keshizumi

There has been mention that Suqqu are discontinuing some of the colour blend eyeshadows from the regular line up, so I bought Keshizumi (£45) which had been a long time member of my makeup wish-list.

Suqqu shadows are densely packed, they feel smooth (the mattes are a tad dryer to the touch) and are incredible lightweight with no fall out.

The palette contains a shimmer silver, shimmery taupe, matte white and a dark matte plum brown.
The shimmer is subtle so it never looks over done. Suqqu excel at creating refined, elegant colour options.

Pictured below, I used the brushes that came with the palette for application so its not quite as blended as I would normally choose but it shows they are usable.

From what I have tried of recent seasonal eyeshadow quad releases (2012 onwards) there is a difference in texture to the regular line up, they are more creamy in feel and more pigmented. I don't have a preference as such but its worth bearing in mind if you are use to the newer formula.

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Suqqu Blend Colour eyeshadow Akanezora

Akanezora was not a planned acquisition, I had the Spring 2013 quad Ginusudama EX13 on my wishlist (the EX donate a limited edition item) and as the Selfridges website only lists the quads by their numbers, and this was a gift from a family member, I ended up with Akanezora (£45), which is numbered 13.

The quad contains a non chalky matte white base shade, very warm shimmered pink, shimmered sheer baby pink and a warm deep brown cream liner.

The powder shadows have the lovely smooth light weight feel that we associate with Suqqu and the shimmered shades have that elegant refined finish.

The cream liner I am not so keen on, its not as smooth as I would like and though I have only had this for just under two months, its turning a bit dry, I do think cream liners need to be in a more air tight container to prevent deterioration.
This is one of those quads that sometimes I love how it looks and other days I'll catch a glance of myself and think the warmth of the medium shadow and liner just look a bit off against my cool toned complexion.

Had the liner shade been a powder and the medium pink less warm I think we would of had a winner here, that said I have already made a generous dip in the base shade and baby pink so it does have its attributes and lets face it any Suqqu is better than no Suqqu :)


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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Suqqu Spring 2013: EX-11 Sumiredama

One of the three eyeshadow quads from the Suqqu Spring collection, EX-11 Sumiredama (£45) contains a golden yellow, a peachy pink, a duochrome taupe and a duochrome smokey purple.

All shades have a subtle shimmer and both duochrome shades have a green reflect. The overall effect is more cool toned.

Suqqu shadows have a beautiful formula; smooth, lightweight, non drying, easy to blend with good wear time. Furthermore the newer palettes have better pigment than previously.

The colours work really well together and you can opt for a natural or more intense smoky look. The duochrome is done really well as I can often find this finish can look murky or dare I say gaudy, but Suqqu have maintained a polished finish.

Apologies for my poor quality pictures below but I thought something was better than nothing, so below is shown without a flash and with a flash.

I think this is a stunning palette and if you are able to get your hands on it, grab it quick as its limited edition so sure to sell out soon.

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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Suqqu Spring 2013: Face Colour Palette EX-02

I'm somewhat ashamed to admit I have been doing a daily check on the Selfridges site in anticipation for the Suqqu spring release. The brand is notorious for extremely quick sell outs of their limited editions and after seeing how pretty the collection looked from pictures floating around on blogs, I wasn't taking the chance of missing out.

Today I will show you the Face Colour Palette, I also bought one of the eye palettes, Sumiredama EX-11, which I'll review after I have tested it some more.
On opening the palette you are presented with two good quality brushes.

The second layer contains the two powder products (one a highlighter and one a blush) and a mirror. The face palette (£50) is inspired by a vintage pearl necklace and the embossed pearl pattern is certainly pretty.

The left highlighter shade is meant to create a pearly glow to the skin, it illuminates well adding a subtle brightening sheen to the skin.

It has a similar effect to the Lumière Sculptée de Chanel Highlighting Powder, though with a cooler tone.
Swatched below with Lumière Sculptée de Chanel Highlighting Powder on the left.

The blusher is a soft warm pink with a satin finish, it gives a lovely fresh glow to the skin.

Both have a soft, smooth texture, feel lightweight and blend beautifully on the skin without any effort. Both of the powders have a slight scattering of sparkle though its barely detectable on the skin.

I wouldn't say either is extremely long lasting and do get a bit of fade after five hours.
They are very pretty and easy to wear, and the quality is very high. I have no regrets over this purchase though I would say that if you have similar colours from a high quality brand, these aren't necessarily going to rock your world.

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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Suqqu EX-08 Hanamari Blend Colour eyeshadow

This palette had a very limited release, originally an exclusive to a department store in Japan and then a limited amount appeared at Selfridges, knowing how quick Suqqu limited editions sell out, I got this ordered as one of my Christmas presents even though at the time of ordering I did not know what the colours were as there was no picture on the site (I just knew that it was new and limited and just went with it).

Unlike regular Suqqu palettes, Hanamari (£45) does not have an all over matte base shade, I had thought the top left was such a shade but its more of a sparkle shade to mix with the others. The quad contains a opalescent pink sparkle, slightly shimmery sage green, shimmery candy pink and a deep warm brown that has micro glitter that does not translate once applied.

The below picture shows best the sparkle in the deep brown shade

The shadows have the normal smoothness, lightness and beautiful ease of use like all other Suqqu shadows I have tried. The pink is not easy for me to wear on its own, its quite nice to mix with the other shades and gives a somewhat mauve look as below.

Overall this is a high quality product and the shade combination is interesting and makes for good layering combinations.


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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Some of my favourite taupe shadows

Taupe seems to be one of those universal colours that most people find flattering and is usually the backbone of creating a polished eye look. Of course there are different nuances of taupes, while to the untrained non makeup addict eye they all look rather similar in the pan, once on there are varying undertones that makes each one that little bit different and therefore warranting a space in ones make up collection.

It was quiet interesting swatching these together as I found that it made the differing tones more visible. I've entitled this post "some" as I don't have enough arm space to swatch all my favourites.
Kjaer Weis wisdom, this is probably one of my most cool toned taupes as it leans more grey, it has a satin finish.

 Le Metier de beaute Le Cirque Kaleidoscope, shade Spectacle. Its a slightly more mauve toned taupe with a satin finish and tiny micro glitter.

Chantecaille Tiger in the Wild palette, another cool toned taupe, the finish is more of a satin and has a really flattering glow about it.

The taupe from the Suqqu Kozuecha #10 palette, this has a golden tone and has a shimmery finish.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Bohemian Waxwing, on me I get a very slight touch of bronze to this shimmery taupe.

MAC satin taupe, slightly deeper taupe, again I find this has a mauve tone and with a shimmery finish.

 Burberry Rosewood #09 beautiful soft taupe with a hint of rose/mauve, has a very gently shimmer and glow finish.

I neglected to include RBR Solstice Halcyon, which is a bit of a fail on my part as I have hit so much pan on that shade I will be ordering another one.

Swatches L-R: Kjaer Weis, LMDB, Suqqu, RBR,MAC,Chantecaille, Burberry
My very simple look below is Burberry on the inner lid, RBR on the outer and Kjaer Weis in the crease.


So my question is, are there any other taupes you think I need?

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Suqqu Blend Colour Eyeshadow #10 Kozuecha

I picked up the most neutral looking quint out of the three released for the Spring collection, Kozuecha #10 (£45). The palettes will be part of the permanent line.
It features a sheer peach iridescence, a light shimmery taupe, a matte ivory base shade and then the split pan which consists of a medium brown with satin finish and a darker brown which though matte in base does contain micro glitter.

Using a DSLR instead of my normal point and click, you can see the multi shimmer embedded in the shadows in the picture below, I think this is what gives the colours more complexity.
Though the darker shades are not quite as buttery soft as the others in the palette, this applies really well and the shadows retain the lightweight feel that I expect from Suqqu. Though I've only had a few Suqqu eyeshadow palettes in the past, the pigmentation seems higher than normal.

The colours work harmoniously with one another and I can see myself reaching for this often.


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