Sunday, 21 September 2014

Bobbi Brown Fall 2014:Smokey Nudes Eye Palette

Limited edition for the Fall Smokey Nudes Collection, the Smokey Nudes Eye Palette (£48) contains the following shades:
Cream Eye Shadow (matte cream)
Naked Eye Shadow (matte warm clay nude)
Woodrose Eye Shadow (matte grey)
Silver Brown Sparkle Eye Shadow (glitter taupe)

Watercolor Pink Sparkle Eye Shadow (glitter seashell pink)
Nude Beach Metallic Eye Shadow (shimmery golden beige)
Smokey Brown Metallic Eye Shadow (shimmery golden bronzed taupe)
Smoked Eye Shadow (matte deep cool toned brown)

The palette has a good range of finishes and shade depths, the only colour inclusion I question is Naked as its very warm against the other shades and doesn't quite fit.

Though Watercolor Pink is more of a a topper shade, the others all have good pigment and blend well. I do need to use an eye primer with the shades (though I do get fall out from Watercolor Pink even with a primer).

This is easily the best Bobbi  Brown palette I've ever had, not just because of the flattering versatile colours, but predominately because of the performance. For me the shadow formula in BB palettes is extremely hit and miss, some are smooth and are easy to work with but others can be lacking in pigment, dry, chalky and apply really patchy, I was therefore surprised that none of the shades in Smokey Nudes apply poorly. The formula is definitely an improvement on past palettes.

Though I could have done without Naked, I am really liking this palette, it allows me to create a smokey eye of differing intensities, and also a subtle nude look.

I bought this from

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Chantecaille Fall 2014: Fairy Moss Hydra Chic Lipstick & Cheek Shade Bliss

This years Fall collection from Chantecaille looked like a sophisticated array of wearable warm neutrals, the colours kept soft and simple.

Fairy Moss (£30) is my first Hydra Chic lipstick. Its very creamy with a slightly heavy feel and has very good coverage.
Though is feels quite moisturising this particular shade highlights lip lines and I can't attest to its claimed "6 hours of wear" as find this no longer lasting than an average lipstick.

The finish is a satin matte, I was expecting a rose/pink nude so was surprised by just how beige this is. It swatches better than it applies on the lips for me, as I just get a flat beige.


For cheeks we have Bliss (£32), its embossed with the signature Chantecaille rose (in celebration of their 15-year anniversary).

Described as a sheer petal pink, on me its a warm dusty pink. Though seemingly matte it does have a glow about it once applied. It has a smooth, lightweight texture, it applies reasonably well (though not seamlessly) and lasts about 4/5 hours before I get heavy fading. I would say that this has a dryer feel than my other Chantecaille blushers.


You can probably tell that there is not any love going on here and though I was eyeing up the eyeshadow palette from the collection, I've decided to give it a miss due to how these products have failed to wow me.
I use to be heavily into Chantecaille (I had much more of the range before I started blogging), it was always a nice indulgent luxury, who's quality was worthy of the price, however I have felt that certain formula's have changed over the years and the brands not quite at it's peak as it once was.

I bought these from

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Tom Ford Fall 2014: Stroked Contouring Cheek Colour Duo

Stroked (£56) is the lighter option of the two limited edition duos released for the Tom Ford Fall collection. It was always going to be a risk for me ordering such a warm looking duo, but I was intrigued by the rusty autumnal tone of the blush and was interested to see how a Tom Ford highlighter would perform.

The duo is meant to create sculptured cheekbones, with the deeper shade adding definition and the lighter shade to highlight.

It contains a rusty orange and a yellow champagne highlighter. The blush has a shimmery/glow finish and the highlighter has a frosted, high shine finish (though it does not emphasize pores).
The texture is really good, as soft and smooth as you would like. The product glides onto the skin but due to the extremely high pigment, if you have pale skin like me, you really only need the faintest of touches.
Swatched below on the left and blended out on the right,

I wanted to love this as I think the texture/application is top notch but as much as I try to get these colours to work for me they are just too warm and the finish makes me feel a bit overdone.


For those looking for a more dramatic finish with intense pigment then Stroked is definitely a good option if you suit warm tones.

I bought this from

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Tom Ford Nude Dip Eye Colour Quad Fall 2014

There has been so much hoopla over the Tom Ford Fall release, it was easy to get caught up with the "must have Fall collection" combined with a need for a rush purchase for fear of it being sold out everywhere.
When the collection was released early on Harvey Nichols I did what any good lemming would and quickly placed my order (I also bought one of the cheek duos).

Nude Dip (£63) contains a golden champagne, rose copper/gold, medium taupe and a dark brown.

The shades are soft, extremely smooth and apply seamlessly. All shades have high pigment and a good wear time.

There is no doubt that these are pretty colours with a very high quality texture and ease of application, however I'm not entirely happy with this. The sticking point for me is the actual finish of the two lighter shades. Whilst the darker shade is a satin and the taupe is shimmery (though quite shiny), the two lighter shades are very high shine, almost metallic. I personally find frosty shades difficult to carry off and there is too much of this going on with Nude Dip. I feel the palette would have been better grounded with the inclusion of just one high shine shade.

Don't get me wrong as there is a lot to like about this palette but I have to apply the lighter shades with an extremely light touch.
I don't regret this purchase as I know how I need to apply/wear it to make it work for me, but I think if you share my aversion to high shine/frosty shades this might not be the must have its been cited as.

I bought this from

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Chanel Fall 2014 Collection États Poétiques: Poésie, Confident & Innocence

Initially a US release, I was very pleased to see Les 4 Ombres #234 Poésie (£40) included in the Fall États Poétiques collection. I'm a big fan of the new formula of the palettes, Poésie has the same soft, buttery texture, good colour pay off and ease of blending.

With mostly shimmery finishes, It contains a coppery brown, cream, medium/deep brown with a slight hint of burgundy and pale silvery pink with a mauve tone.

Its a great palette to give a soft, shimmery everyday look.

I am loving the Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine in shade #94 Confident (£25).

Its a medium rose (slight brown tone) with a shine finish that you can just about throw on with any other makeup. The formula is lightweight, comfortable and hydrating.

By contrast I am disappointed with the Joues Contraste Powder Blush shade #160 Innocence (£31).

Though smooth in feel it has a dry texture and is a bit powdery. It has a semi matte finish (though there are a few sparkles) and the colour is a medium warm rose, which unfortunately applies very ruddy on my pale skin (though pigment and wear time is really good).

My main disappointment with this product is due to its application, as I find this extremely difficult to blend resulting in a very patchy effect.

I fully recommend the palette and lipstick but not the blush, I've had many Joues Contraste's in the past and though I've never found application flawless (perhaps due to my dry skin) I've not had one apply as troublesome as Innocence.

I bought these from Boots

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Dior Fall 2014: New 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette Versailles & Rouge Dior in Bar

For this Fall Dior has reinvented the 5 Couleurs palette, the packaging is now more sleek and the reformulated shadows come in matte, satiny, iridescent and ultra-shimmery finishes. I bought #566 Versailles (£42) as it looked like a nice wash of sheer shades and a liner combination. I only quickly swatched some shades of the palettes before settling on Versailles (I had a SA right by my side watching my every movement so felt uncomfortable swatching as thoroughly as I normally would) so it was only when I tried it at home that it became apparent how ultra shimmery/frosty the majority of shades were.  It contains a shimmery/frosty pinky peach, shimmery/frosty golden cream, satin finish cool brown, metallic/sparkle silver and in the centre a metallic/sparkle gold.
In terms of feel and performance the only finishes that I noticed a difference from the old style quints were the gold and silver. Dior's sparkle shades in the past have been rather lacking in pigment and prone to flaking in chunks but these are much smoother and have extremely high pigment that almost gives a wet look.
I do like this palette but have to apply all but the brown extremely lightly so that it doesn't end up too frosty.

I initially reached for a pretty pink Rouge Dior called Rose Tutu, but opted for the more novel #317 Bar (£26).

Unlike the reviews I have read I get absolutely no pink in this shade, for me it applies as a sheer grey beige, only with a lot more shimmer/frost than appears in the tube or from swatching. This really doesn't suit me and I think would work best if you have pigmented lips to allow the natural lip colour to mix in.

The formula feel creamy and smooth, though this shade does highlight dryness and lip lines. I'm annoyed with myself for buying this as I should have trusted my gut rather than being swayed by reviews I had read thus far.

I am going to go back for the Rouge Dior Rose Tutu and will take a look at the more matte shadow palette options but I'd say I'm more impressed with the texture and colour options of Chanel's reformulated palette release than I am with Dior.

I bought these from Boots

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Hits and Misses from Burberry, NUDESTIX, Paul & Joe and Kevyn Aucoin

I've had a few disappointing acquisitions lately, as much fun as it is to share the must buys I also think its worth showing the products which don't quite hit the mark.

First up its the Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Glow Duo in shade #2 Pravella/Janelle (£19). It contains a cool pink and dusty peach. The pigment is quite flexible, you can apply as a bold colour or sheered out.
Swatched below and then on the right both shades combined,

Blended out swatches,

Its packaged the same as the eyeshadow duos so its very streamlined, though I have seen reviews whereby the product was felt to be on the small size.

It applies a bit patchy with a faint bit of tackiness to the touch. My gripe with this is the lastability, as it wears off in patches. I fully understand that if you touch your skin whilst wearing cream products then it will transfer off, but this does it when no contact is made, its very odd but without fail every time I wear this I end up with a very visible patch where its completely disappeared.

Next we have the NUDESTIX Lip & Cheek Pencil in shade Love (£24). I didn't pay attention to the brand when it came out as it seemed aimed at the younger, flawless crowd, however Spacenk had a gift with purchase promotion a while back, so I thought I'd give it a go.
I like the colour which is a subtle warm pink.
What I don't like is that on the lips it shows up any dryness and on the cheek wear time is poor and it feels unpleasantly tacky.
Next its Burberry Sheer Luminous Concealer in shade #03, Rosy Beige (£26). I've had this before in shade #01 Light Beige and really liked the finish but it wasn't quite enough coverage for my dark circles. I stumbled across a video with Burberry's makeup artist and she said they used shade #03 on every skintone to cancel out circles due to its peachy tone.
Swatched below on the left with Bobbi Brown corrector in light peach on the right, you can see how much more yellow the base is in the BB.
Whilst this has a non drying creamy texture and a skin like finish, the actual colour is too peach and too dark and doesn't so much conceal darkness but add a new colour to the mix. This is not so much a miss as I think its a good product, just not for my skintone. 
To end on a good note we have the Paul & Joe trio in #05 Cherry Blossom (£23 for the trio and £7 for the case).
It contains a multi coloured sparkle pink, shimmery golden brown and a satin finish plummy brown.
Pigment is excellent and the shades are soft, creamy and apply/blend really well, and there is of course the cute limited edition packaging.
I bought the Kevyn Aucoin from (NUDESTIX was a gift with purchase) the Paul & Joe from Harrods and the Burberry from
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