Sunday, 24 May 2015

Tom Ford Lavender Lust Eye Color Quad

Occasionally, I make a departure from the usual neutral/nude eyeshadow territory, so here we have my acquisition of Lavender Lust (£63).
Lavender Lust is a very cool toned dusty purple/lavender palette, the colours do not scream pastel which is often my worry with these types of shades.

The top left is a sheer light pink with glitter, the colour pay off is good for a glitter shade though I do get quite a lot of fall out. The top right is a satin finish medium smoky violet/purple with a slight grey hue, it has very good pigment and is the most creamy/smooth of all four shades. Lower left is a lavender/white with a pink iridescent sheen. Lastly on the lower right a noticeable dryer in feel (though does not look patchy once applied) dark plum with satin finish. Its not quite pigmented enough for me to use as a liner unless I use it wet.

Overall the palette has good pigment, with a mostly smooth texture and the shades do not fade/crease when used over a primer. As a result of the colours being different depths but within the same colour family I find it limited in the looks it can create.

I've had this palette for quite a while now and though I've seen it create very pretty soft to intense purple smokey looks on other blogs, I have to concede that for me this does not work. All I can create is grey/purple murkiness as shown below (notice the glitter fall out).

So its not a love for me and I have to say that I have been going off my Tom Ford eyeshadows quite a bit recently, there is something in the finish of the overall look that it just not sitting well on me.

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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Burberry Complete Eye Palette Rose No. 10

Due the the recent Burberry shadow reformulations, I'm not sure what the future holds for the Complete Eye Palettes. Whether they will be reformulated as well or completely replaced I'd thought I'd better get round to this review.

Complete Eye Palette Rose (£40) was originally part of the Spring 2014 English Rose collection but is now part of the regular line up.

It contains a matte dusty clay rose/pink, a soft shimmering/satin taupe with a pink sheen, light shimmery/frosted pink and a pale frosted cream highlighting shade.

Apart from the light pink, which has the same smooth, buttery texture of the Burberry singles, the other shades felt a tiny bit dryer, most noticeably on the deepest shade (though I did not get fall out)  though they still applied smoothly with no problems in blending. Pigment is good apart from the taupe which applies much softer and I feel like there is not enough shade distinction between the lighter two shades.

I can't help finding this a bit too frosty for me. I don't normally equate Burberry with a frosted finish so its a shame the two lighter shades are not more satin. However if you don't mind a bit of frost, the colours work harmoniously to create a delicate shimmery eye look and the deeper rose/pink shade adds an interesting edge.

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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick Adrienne & Cécile

For 2015 the Rouge Coco formula has been reinvented (I think it originally came out in 2010). I wasn't a big fan of the original formula, which I found inconsistent, with some shades being very drying, applying patchy and accentuated lip lines.

The new formula is meant to be "ultra hydrating for nourished lips and comfort". The formula is enriched with mimosa, jojoba and sunflower plant butters, and is meant to "glide onto lips for a plumping effect and a lively luminous colour".

The new range of 24 shades was inspired by the close friends of Mademoiselle Chanel. I bought Cécile #432 which is a muted, slightly cool, petal pink with a soft shimmer and Adrienne #402 which is a peach nude with a soft sheen finish (£26 each).

Shown below Adrienne

Shown below Cécile

I'm not sure about the claims for "lively luminous colour", but the colour payoff is good and the shades wear about 4 hours on me (I tend to find 3 hours an average wear for most lipsticks)

They have a slightly creamy texture which glides on nicely and applies evenly. I do not find these accentuate dryness nor gather in lip lines, though I question the assertion that these provide hydration all day long. After about 10 minutes I find these a bit drying, its not uncomfortable as such but neither do I find these pleasant on.

Though I prefer a more light, hydrating formula and glossy finish, I do consider these an improvement on the previous formula, though I think that the claims of being ultra hydrating are unfounded.


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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Trish McEvoy’s Power of Makeup Planner Collection Perfect Nude

I always take note when a new Trish McEvoy planner collection comes along as they are very well coordinated and provide a hassle free option to have all the products you need at your figure tips.


The Perfect Nude Planner Collection (£130) contains the following:

  • A Turquoise Croc Makeup planner
  • Petite Makeup Wardrobing Page
  • Medium Refillable Double Decker Compact
  • Glaze Eye Shadow Golden Peach: slightly shimmery soft peach
  • Glaze Eye Shadow Vanilla: slightly shimmery soft cream with a hint of pink
  • Eye Shadow Smokey Taupe: pigmented matte medium taupe
  • Eye Definer Bark: pigmented matte golden deep brown with subtle golden sparkle.
  • Intense Gel Eye Liner Black: An  intense black (though on swatching it has a bit of sparkle but I cannot detect it on application) applies smoothly and is long wearing
  • Lash Enhancing Liquid Liner Pen: this is a very inky black, not too watery, it applies nicely and has a very good wear time.
  • High Volume Mascara: this has a very small brush head, it allows for a well define, non clumpy natural look.

  • Instant Eye Lift: I've bought this quite a few times, it has medium coverage and gives a really flattering brightening lift to the skin.
  • Limited-edition Eye Base Essentials Pink Bare: This matte warm pink primer has a smooth, albeit slightly dry, texture and provides high coverage. It works well to prevent creasing and fading
  • Eye Brightener Pencil Shell: I love this, it outperforms the equivalent products from other brands, it applies beautifully, blends with no patchiness or dryness and really adds a natural looking brightening effect.

  • Bronzer Weekend: this looks very dark in the pan but goes on surprisingly natural and along with my Tom Ford Terra is one of my favourite bronzers
  • Blush Peony Pink: this looks very bright but applies as a nice pop of cool toned pink.
  • Translucent Finishing Powder: This is non cakey and sets makeup for a long lasting wear.

  • Long-Wear Lip Liner Barely Nude: This is a matte warm rosewood. Its really creamy, not too drying, pigmented and extremely long-lasting.
  • Beauty Booster Lip and Cheek Colour Perfect Rose: unlike a lot of dual purpose products this works really well on both lips and cheeks. Its not got too much slip and blends seamlessly with a good wear time.
  • Irresistible Lip Gloss Petal : Its a sheer light pink with very subtle sparkle. Slightly tacky in texture and with a minty smell, this is quite long wearing and has a intense glossy finish that makes lips look fuller.

All are full size apart from the Gel Eye Liner and Translucent Finishing Powder which are deluxe travel size.


All the products perform well, I think Trish McEvoy is quite an underrated line considering it supplies many hard working products that you know you can rely on. Overall this is a really well put together collection that succeeds in creating an effortless natural healthy look.

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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Burberry Kisses Nude Pink, Wet & Dry Glow Shadow in Shell

Reformulations are taking place at Burberry, all their single sheer eye shadows have been replaced by two new formulas (Wet & Dry Silk and Wet & Dry Glow), the Lipcover lipsticks have been replaced by the Kisses formula and apparently more products are being updated (with the exclusion of fragrance which will be a welcomed attribute to many). With the upcoming new cream blushers and cream eyeshadows from the brand its looking like a very exciting year for Burberry makeup fans.

I bought the shadow in Shell #003 Wet & Dry Glow (£23). Its a shimmery/metallic golden peach. The warmth of this looks at odds on my complexion so I tend to use this as a topper shade.

The finish is along the lines of NARS’ Dual Intensity eyeshadows, however I find the Burberry version is smoother and more creamy. Though the product is quite dense it doesn't feel heavy. It adheres really well and is easy to blend with no fallout. The shadow layers really well and as you can use it wet to intensify the colour it makes it quite versatile, lasting power is also extremely good.
Swatched dry then damp,

Overall the formula is lovely to use but I can't help feeling like this high sheen/metallic finish seems out of place with the more sedate offerings we normally receive from Burberry.


From the new Burberry Kisses lipstick formula I opted for Nude Pink #05 (£25). True to its name it really is the perfect neutral toned satin finish nude pink which is easily built up.

I was really expecting to love this new formula and there are certainly many positives. It feels comfortable and hydrating, it does cling to the lips somewhat but as it does not have too much slip it has a good wear time (about 4 hours). It's nearly ticking all the boxes but there is one flaw in that it accentuates lip lines. To be fair its not terrible and its lessened the more you layer, but lipsticks that sink into lines is a bugbear of mine and as there are so many good lipsticks on the market these days I have high expectations when I try a new formula. I was hoping it was just this shade but I have since read reviews for other shades with the same performance.
Swatched below once then four times,

Ingredients (I detect no fragrance):

Though there is a lot to like, I'm not completely smitten with these, the finish of the shadow is slightly too intense for me and I prefer the finished look of the lip mists and lip glow balms compared to the kisses formula.

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Sunday, 29 March 2015

SUQQU Balancing Cheeks: Mizuhanamoya 04

This Spring we see the launch of two new blushers from Suqqu. Part of the Chiffon collection, they have been added to the permanent line.

Blushers are often difficult for me, I'm not blessed with good skin so they often look patchy and can highlight my redness, however Suqqu blushers are a really beautiful thing and are amongst my favourites. They have a really lightweight texture, smooth in feel and apply impeccably on the skin, one of the few blushers that need no blending.

Mizuhanamoya  #04 (£38) contains two shades of pink, one a cooler toned satin finish and the other deeper in tone with a warm gentle glow finish. Both shades are softly pigmented and last all day on me. The finish looks natural, yet impacts a healthy sheen.
Swatched below the left then right side then both combined:

The other blusher released, Yawakohaku #03, contains an orange tone, though I initially thought I wouldn't need it, after seeing how beautifully the shades combined in this post here by the lovely Bellyhead I will have to purchase it as well.
Overall this is a first class blusher which is a pleasure to use. Whilst the colour doesn't necessarily scream unique its the application and finish that makes this top notch. Its worth mentioning that the accompanying brush is a very good quality, unlike a lot of the throw away brushes that many brands supply with their products.


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Sunday, 22 March 2015

BareMinerals Modern Pop Spring 2015

I don't really consider BareMinerals a "me" type of cosmetic brand, nonetheless I feel victim to the cute polka dot design of the limited edition Modern Pop collection.

The collection takes inspiration from the Sixties with a fluttery lash and nude lip. First up I bought READY Eyeshadow 4.0 The Modern Icon (£29).

The palette contains a satin cream with hint of pink, satin peach, semi-matte mauve and a matte deep taupe. All shades have good colour payoff, with a soft smooth texture that blends well (though the deepest shade is not creamy like the others).

The combination of the peach with smokiness works really well, a lovely composition to bring us into the Spring season without going too light and pastel.

If I had one gripe about this (which you know I do) its that the shades look a tad dry on, now I do have dry lids to begin with and they were not to the extent of looking crepey but nonetheless I do notice it.

Of the three Marvelous Moxie lipsticks I bought the lightest shade, Dream Big (£18). Its a nude peach that gives a subtle touch of warmth and surprisingly does not wash me out.

Whilst I like this shade I am not liking how it applies. Its quite clingy and shows up dryness and lip lines. As much as I like the shade I want a lipstick I can just throw on rather than having to faff about prepping the lips first.

Certainly not total fails by any means but there is something to be said about sticking to your tried and tested brands.

I bought these from Debenhams
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