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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Burberry Summer Showers: Lip Glow Balm

The Burberry Summer Showers collection is a range of three shades options for cheeks, lips and nails (Orange Poppy, Pink Peony and Pink Azalea). Its very much about juicy colours with a dewy finish and brings us two new product; Fresh Glow Blush and Lip Glow Balm.

The Fresh Glow Blushers (which consists of over 50% of water) seemed somewhat translucent when I swatched them so I picked up two of the Lip Glow Balms instead (£23 each).

Orange Poppy #01 is a brightening coral/orange.

Pink Peony #02  is a healthy looking pink.

They don't have lots of slip like some tinted balms do and both have a nice glossy sheen finish.

The initial swatch is very sheer, reminding me of the Benefit hydrating tinted lip balms. Shown below Benefit lollibalm then Burberry Pink Peony swatched once and then the same shades swatched 3 times.

Unlike Benefit, I am pleased to say that they apply a lot more pigmented on the lips (Orange Poppy is undeniable more pigmented than Pink Peony). This does make me wonder if the Fresh Glow Blush would have applied more pigmented on the cheek compared to when I swatched them).

Swatched below once then three times, Orange Poppy then Pink Peony,

The balms feel moisturising, and make the lips feel softer. The formula contains nourishing oils and waxes which helps to protect from dehydration and I find my lips still feel in this condition after the product has worn off.

Its a nice concise collection of cheery looking shades and I have to say I'm tempted to go back for the more plummy Pink Azalea Lip Glow Balm.


I bought these from Harrods

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Burberry Lip Mist Lipstick in Rosewood

The Lip Mist Lipstick in Rosewood (£22.50) came out with last years Fall collection. I've used up my Rosewood in the Lip Cover formula so was keen to give this a try as I prefer the Lip Mist formula as I find it more hydrating.

The colour is a perfect rose with a glossy finish, neither cool or warm, great for those who want a red tone lip that isn't bold.
Swatched once and then twice,

Its one of the more deeper toned lip mists (like Brown Sugar), swatched below together,

Due to the higher pigment this does last that bit longer than my paler Lip Mists (though not beyond 4 hours). The formula has a balm like feel and provides moisture/hydration so that I don't have to worry about it showing any dry patches I might have.
Like the majority of Burberry products this is scented, ingredients shown below:

I am really loving this colour, one swipe for an everyday shade or layered for a more striking look, I really find it complements the majority of makeup looks.

 I bought this from

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Burberry Metallic Khaki & Steel Grey Nail Polish

The first thing that struck me with the release of nail polishes from Burberry was the variety and beauty of the shades on offers. There are of course the expected variants of nudes, but there are also reds and their "runaway shades" which include green, greys, mauves, khakis and even a yellow to name a few.

They cost £15 each which I think it a good price for a high end brand. They have a lovely high gloss finish which has no fading. Both colours are richly saturated and have a quick dry time.

Metallic Khaki is a deep khaki with a refined golden metallic finish.

Steel Grey is a medium cool toned grey with very subtle golden shimmer, unfortunately the shimmer is not that visible once applied.

I of course have to apologies for my real life photos of the polish applied as it does the lovely shades a disservice (I just can't take good nail pictures hence why I rarely post about them).

The brush is a standard slightly rounded edge design (without being too long in length) making for easy application. The formula is reasonably thick but not as much as brands such as Bobbi Brown. Like many nail brands I have (Chanel, Dior for example) I only get a days wear without a top coat and two days wear with one, and this is the only reason I am hesitant to buy more as I have found better lasting polishes.

My brother brought me these from (a Christmas present, he doesn't just randomly buy me make-up...mores the pity...)

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Burberry Complete Eye Palette Pale Pink Taupe

Now I am a big fan of the Burberry single shadows (baring Gold Pearl which did not perform the same as my others) and though the initial reviews for the eye palettes were not positive (as it was felt the quality was not the same as the singles), as time past more favourable reviews came in so I finally made the decision that it was indeed a rather good idea to buy one, so went for Pink Taupe (£40).
You know where this is heading....

I have to say that the shadows in this particular quad are not to the same high standard as the singles. If I didn't own singles already and was therefore not doing a direct compare I might not feel disappointed, but I do have to compare them and the palette does falls short.
Pigment is quite good but the shadows are not as smooth, creamy or easy to blend as the singles nor do I find they last as well.

Pink Taupe includes a satin beige gold, a satin moss green, a matte dusty mauve and a matte cool brown. I don't find these shadows work too well together, they get muddy and its hard to pick out any distinctive colour.

The satin finishes of the singles have a lovely subtle glimmer about them, this is omitted from this quad.
Swatched below the beige gold from the palette then the single in pale barley,

I'm not blessed with good skin and am not a beauty so I really need my makeup to give me something extra, but this does nothing for me. Suffice to say I'll be sticking with the singles!

I bought this from

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Burberry Holiday 2013: Trench Kiss Lip Mist

I confess that I couldn't resist the limited edition gold packaging from the Burberry Holiday collection.

The collection consists of four items with only the gold nail polish being new. Trench Kiss #216 lip mist (£22.50) is a lot paler than I was expecting. Its a flat beige, with a slight warm tone and applies like a wash of pale foundation on the lips.

I find the lip mist formula balmy in texture with good hydration/moisturising abilities, however trench kiss shows up lip lines and any dryness.

I knew this would be a difficult shade for me to wear but I wasn't quite expecting it to be so unforgiving. I think the sheerness of this is its saving grace, so as long as I prep my lips well and put on one swipe then layer with a gloss I do get a ultra nude lip that works.
Swatched below with four swipes,

However I'm one for thinking a product shouldn't require effort to make it work so ultimately this is a miss for me. Nevertheless, I don't want to convey negativity on the actual colour of this, as this really is a true beige, which I know a lot of people seek. I guess I am so use to seeing nude shades with hints of other colours like pink or peach, so when faced with the reality of what a true beige nude is, I was taken aback.

I bought this from  I should mention they have a lot of products that are not in stock from other online sites and the delivery was really quick (within 24 hours) and the products packaged really well.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Burberry Sheer Luminous Concealer

I had high hopes for the Burberry concealer having read good reviews and being a fan of the high quality cosmetic line.

It come in a click pen dispenser with a brush tip. There is a good amount of shades to choose from, I selected Light Beige No.01 (£26) which is a good match for my pale cool toned skin.

Swatched below L-R MAC studio finish NC15, Burberry Light beige, MAC studio finish NW20

Its more opaque that the normal concealers in this pen type format and does provide a medium coverage. It has a creamy texture and does not look dry, I do find that it doesn't seem to set on the skin so is still movable and thus can settle into lines, or transfer off if you touch your skin so I dust on a bit of powder to prevent this. It gives a hint of luminescence but very much sits in the concealer rather than highlighter category.
Shown below without any concealer and then with the Burberry.

It doesn't provide the level of coverage I need for my dark circles and I did actually prefer it as a concealer on the face rather than under eyes, though unfortunately it broke me out but I expected this as it contains salt (I just like to test drive a product fully before I review it).
I think this is a good medium coverage concealer that has a natural skin like finish and some light reflecting qualities but ultimately doesn't have the level of coverage I require for my under eye area.


I bought this from

Friday, 19 April 2013

Beauty Spotlight: Desert Island with Visionary Beauty

So its now my turn to be stranded on a desert island, how rude!
I of course brought my husband and little boy (I didn't read any small print about not being allowed guests).
Trying to take just 12 items was difficult and I did have a moment where the idea of cello-taping products together and putting them into some box system thus making them count as 1 item seemed a genius way forward.
Luckily my boy and husband bought the brushes, hair/body care and perfume etc so that I could concentrate on skincare and makeup......

For skincare I would choose, Pai Camellia & Rose Hydrating Cleanser and Chamomile & Rosehip Sensitive Skin Cream. I think these are now my most re-bought skincare items, the range is just superior for being effective and not causing irritation/acne.

For eye cream I would go with Omorovicza Gold Eye Lift cream, I am going to be buying my second one very soon, as its the best eye cream I have found to hydrate and reduce lines and puffiness.
Onto makeup; my eyeshadow needs would be covered by two Rouge Bunny Rouge palettes; you just can't fault the creamy,buttery texture and great pigment.

Swatched L-R: Unforgettable Oriole, Bohemian Waxwing*, Umber Firefinch, Delicate Hummingbird,Snowy Egret and Eclipse Eagle.

Blusher would have to be a nude, wear with anything, shade and then a brightening peachy/pink shade, so my picks are Rouge Bunny Rouge Delicata and By Terry Torrid Peach.

For mascara, one of my favourites is By Terry Terrybly mascara as it lengthens, gives lift and does not clump.

I found lipstick to be the most tricky, so have gone with the two shades I am using most at the moment, for my pink nude I'd go for Burberry Field Rose lip mist and for my peachy tone By Terry Rouge Terrybly Love Me Tender.

Swatched L-R: Love Me Tender, Field Rose, Delicata and Torrid Peach.

In terms of base it has to be Omorovicza Complexion Perfector BB SPF 20, I'm on my third bottle, this is simply the best base product I have ever used.

I have not found the perfect under eye concealer yet for coverage so I'll pick Burberry Beauty Sheer Concealer as that is the one I am currently using.

(*I bought all these myself apart from the refill of Bohemian Waxwing)

So there we have it, it was rather fortuitous that just a few weeks later my husband was able to craft a boat out of trees and coconuts and we were able to return home (I mean how was I going to survive with just two lipsticks...really....)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Burberry Field Rose Lip Mist & Nude Rose Lip Glow

Field Rose (£23) was part of the 2012 summer Iconic Nude collection and now forms part of the permanent line.

Though this is only my second Lip Mist, it has become a favourite. It has a sheerer coverage and lighter feel compared to the Burberry lip covers.

It has an extremely smooth coverage and feels very moisturising and does not highlight any dryness. The wear time is average for a sheer formula (though better than the likes of a Chanel Coco Shine).

Field Rose is a warmed pink nude. It has a dewy glossy finish and goes with anything.

Swatched below L-R, Field Rose, Nude Rose


The Lip glow (£19) in Nude Rose is a lot more sheer than I was expecting and really only adds a hint of pink to the lips.

It goes on very smooth with an average wear and does have a slight tacky/sticky feel.

I think if you are going to spend the money on a Burberry gloss then its probably better to get a more pigmented shade as the finished look is easy to dupe.

I bought these from
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