Friday, 23 October 2009

Rouge Bunny Rouge, Loose Glitter Pigment, Glassy Gloss, Quartz eyeliner and more..

These are some other RBR items I have that I had not got round to posting about (read as “I have too much makeup” ).
Quartz Eyeliner - Devotion Ink, shade ‘Tiger Eye’. I don’t have much luck with liquid liners, I cannot seem to get a straight liner nor right up close to the lash line, the ones that worked best for me were Chantecaille. RBR exceeds Chantecaille for me. The brush distributes the product better, I can go thin or thick, I also like that I can go over the line without any clumping/flaking. The colour I got is a copper bronze effused with multi colour glitter (which stays put) the price is steep, £27, but I will definitely buy more of these if they expand their shade range (currently they only have 3).
Vivacious Maquari long lasting eye shadow: This eyeshadow is a pure sterling shimmery silver, as with my other RBR shadows this is pigmented, very soft and blends really well (this pairs really nicely on the lid with ‘Periwinkle Cardinal, a shimmered green ‘ in the crease)

Glassy Gloss - Sweet Excesses, shade ‘Crisp Sorbet’: I was slightly disappointed by this. The description of the colour is “coconut ice pink with coral and gold opalescence” but on me it’s almost clear in colour. What it does have is a really reflective shine, more so that any other lipgloss I have tried. It’s slightly stickier than I would like, but I do always go for the less sticky option possible. Whilst I don’t think I would buy another one of these I am very happy to have this one for the shine effect alone.

Long lasting lip pencil, shade ‘Roald’: This is a matte cool toned pink mauve. This really does stay put, lasts all day and beyond if you don’t take it off well! The downside of this is that its not really creamy and I find it slightly drying.
Fire drops-Loose glitter pigment: I got this in shade ‘Sleeping under a mandarin tree’. I am not a fan of glitter so initially overlooked these until I saw a post on londonmakeupgirl’s blog and realised these were more along the lines of shimmer. This shade is a beautiful sheer shimmery/Iridescent warm golden champagne, given its not really unique but what I really like about this is that its not over the top (no frostiness here) and lasts with no fall out. I’ll likely buy ‘Night wind sailing’ at some point.
Here are the swatches


  1. I know what you mean, my RBR order arrived a couple of weeks ago and I STILL haven't played properly with everything, let alone blogged about it! I too had seen the Night Wind Sailing pigment on Grace's blog and lusted after, I might well get it in the future...and I loved the mandarin when you did the EOTD with Black Pepper Jay! The eyeliner looks very interesting too...but then, what doesn't???? Have a great weekend!! xx

  2. Gorgeous things. I'm getting so tempted by that liquid eyeliner!

  3. Hi Anna,
    Will look forward to your post on your RBR goodies when you get round to it :) I am using the Mandarin quite a lot, goes with everything ! Thanks for stopping by x

    Hello Grace,
    I had to get the liner are seeing Missworthy's post on it, I do think you would like it :)


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