Saturday, 3 April 2010

By Terry: Intensive Hydra-Plump Lipstick

This lipsticks comes housed in a shiny purple tube, the formula does feel quite hydrating but its not the most moisturising lipstick brand I have, I didn’t notice any plumping qualities with this. The texture is quite light and does have a bit of slip to it. It has quite a strong sweet scent.
Although I would never advise buying a colour on line you have read no reviews nor seen any swatches/pictures of, it is something I do sometimes, on this occasion I lucked out. I choose the shade Praline Cristalline (£25) and it turns out to be a slightly purples pink with silver micro glitter. I’m not a fan of glitter in lipsticks but this seems to work and has no gritty feel to it at all.
It lasts quite well and leaves an even stain of colour behind. I think if I could find swatches/pictures somewhere I might buy another one but for now I think I’d best not push my luck!
I bought this from Space NK.


  1. If you wanted swatches of any particular colour, let me know. I'm 5 minutes from a Space NK at work, and although I'm no Karlasugar, I could do you a few swatches :)

  2. I'm also 5 mins from a Space NK at work. Do you think we addicts naturally gravitate towards places of employment based on their proximity to expensive beauty products?!

    Anyway, I'd also be happy to swatch for you. Might stop me spending ...

  3. Hi Grace, glamoured,
    Thanks for the kind offers,although as I wedged it back in my makeup drawer for lipsticks I did tell myself I'd best cut down on my lipstick spending..will see how well that goes! Although if either of you see the new By Terry shadow colours in Goldy Honey,crem'e brulee,rose macaroon and peach loukoum, I'd love to know if you think they are worth buying, as its not like I don't have enough neutrals :)
    Can't believe you work so close to a SpaceNK, glad I don't in a way as I'd be in there every lunch break x

  4. Thanks for this review. Seems By Terry reviews are few and far between. Hope you enjoy this purchase. I was looking at purchasing their rose lip balm from Barney's New York. A bit pricey for a lip balm so i am still in the process of decision. :-)


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