Sunday, 17 October 2010

Rouge Bunny Rouge Loves Lights Highlighting Powder

Unlike a lot of highlighters out there, RBR love lights do not posses a overly shimmery finish nor sheen, instead you get a soft radiance/glow. The texture is beautifully smooth and extremely light weight.
It comes in two shades and I bought Sweet to touch (£41) which is a baby pink with a soft golden glow. I use this with a powder brush all over my face to give a veil of radiance, or use it with a denser brush as a natural/subtle golden pink highlight on cheeks and around the outside eye area.
This is subtle so don't expect heavy colour payoff, but I do notice the difference when I don't wear it.
Its also come in handy when I have been feeling/looking not so well and this instantly perks up my face in a natural glow sort of way. I would love to pick up the other shade, Goddess, at some point as that it described as a "rosy amber with a golden glow" sounds very enticing.
Here are the ingredients:
METHYLPARABEN, PROPYLPARABEN, TETRASODIUM EDTA, BUTYLPARABEN, BHT, PANAX GINSENG. +/- : CI 77891, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499, CI 77007, CI 75470, CI 77742, CI 77510, CI 77288, CI 77289, CI 77163, CI
15850, CI 73360, CI 19140, CI 15985, CI 42090.

After my post about the gorgeous Abyssinian Catbird I did say I would post an eye look with it, so here is is:
I've used it all over the lid with Bejewelled Skylark in the outer area and crease and Sleeping under a mandarin tree as the inner highlight.

RBR is stocked exclusive to


  1. Looks gorgeous but so pricey :S

  2. Ok, so you follow up your "SPEND" command with this beautiful RBR powder, must mean something!! The outside packaging looks HUGE compared to the actual compact inside! Have you ever tried Becca face powders? Wondering how they would compare...I think the goddess one would probably be better for my shade, I'm just happily waiting for the pound to drop even more and then I'll be a bit happier about spending spending spending! xxx
    PS: don't know about the temp, will have to wait and see...but he did have 2 whole weeks without it and managed to attend pre-school, hurray!!!!

  3. Oh my goooooodness! This is so lovely and something I need when I am looking/feeling blah! I love this line- so whimsical but always performs beautifully. Love the EOTD too- that is one of my all time favorite shadows! So, so, so stunning on you! Thanks for the post x jeanie

  4. Both the highlighter and the eye look are gorgeousgorgeousgorgeous...!
    And I love the RBR packaging, it's like something out of a fairy tale.
    Nina x

  5. totally agree with Nina - nothing to add... except: thanks for posting the ingredients!!
    Sam xxx

  6. I *love* that eye look on you. Just STUNNING.

    Do you have the RBR liquid highlighter? I have the pink one of those and love it, so do I need the powder version too?

  7. Gorgeous! Those eyeshadows just look amazing, I have about half of the whole RBR eyeshadow range on my wishlist. And I agree with Sam: it's great that you post the ingredients of products.
    x Klara

  8. Hi Get Gawjus,
    I try and blank out the price ;) it is lovely though.

    Hi Anna,
    I think I only tried the becca ones once, I'm sure they either made me ichy or broke me out so can't compare I'm afraid. The packaging is rather large but I do really like it though, unfortunately so did my little boy and he promptly demolished the box!
    Thats great that he managed to attend some pre-school, do you think he feels more comfortable with it now ? x

    Hi Jv,
    whimsical is a really good word for RBR, glad you like the eye look, its not a colour I would normally go for, so glad I tried it.

    Hi Nina,
    Thanks so much, ideally I think I would like the entire colour range from RBR, perhaps if I put it on my christmas list ;)x

    Hi Sam,
    Thanks, I'm glad it didn't make me break out as I do seem to have issues with a lot of cheek products, I really want to get Goddess now.

    Hello Grace,
    Thanks for the lovely comment, do you have Abyssinian Catbird ? I have two of the RBR liquid highlighters, including the pink one, they are quite different, the liquid gives more of a sheen/lumionous finish I find, the powder has a subtle warmth to it, I wonder if you would go for Goddess though, as I know you wear those types of colours really well ? At any rate, yes, you do need both ;)

    Hi Klara,
    Thanks :) RBR are one of my favourite shadow brands without a doubt. It can be a right pain sometimes trying to find out the ingredients of certain things so I do try and post them when I can, especially for people like me who have really sensitive skin.

  9. I have sensitive skin too, so I appreciate that you posted the ingredients. The highlighting powder looks absolutely lovely ... I just added it to my list. Also I have seen such great looks with Abyssinian Catbird that I will be adding that as well. I originally thought that it was too similar to shades I already have, but on reflection, I really don't think RBR shadows can be redundant. Thanks for this post :)

  10. Hi Pretty addicted.
    Thanks, you sound like me, I keep adding to my makeup list weekly ;) I do really love their shadows, quite tempted by a few others, I really hope they come out with a palette at some point.

  11. Hi! Thanks to your blog (among others), I placed a huge RBR order with Zuneta during one of their promotions! One of the things I purchased was the Goddess highlight powder, I like the texture and finish of it but I must say it is just straight-up gold rather than the multi-dimensional description for it!! :( I was expecting something a la Dior's Amber Diamond but it has NO rosy/pinky tones at all. Still pretty though! :) I also love the Abyssinian Catbird shadow, I tried a look with it yesterday I used Edward Bess Dusk on the lid and the Catbird on the upper and lower lashline and blended into the crease! Very pretty shadow! :) Thanks for all the RBR reviews!

  12. Hello Lakshmi,
    Glad the reviews helped. The "rosey amber" description about Goddess was what was enticing me, will have a think about that one. I have EB dusk so will try the look you did with RBR AC as that sounds like a very good combination :)
    What other RBR goodies did you pick up ?

  13. Hi! I'm glad you liked the combo I posted! :) Besides the Goddess highlight powder and shadow, I tried to get a little bit of evrything:D
    1. powder blush in Orpheline which is beautiful, love the silky finish
    2. cream blush stick in Rubens described as a sangria color
    3. Tigers eye essence eyeliner: this is gorgeous, I never tire of greenish black gold liners, like MAC pearlglide in Black line
    4. I also picked up their cute mirror compact in black, I wish the white one was available...
    That's my RBR haul for you! Hope you are having a great week! :)

  14. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! My face regularly needs a pick me up so this sounds perfect. I love the eye look too, I'm going to have to add bejewelled skylark to the list of things I want. After the spending ban of course ;)
    Jane xx

  15. Hi Lakshmi,
    I like your thinking about getting a bit of everything :)
    I really like the eye essence eyeliners as well, want to get the purply one next. I've been meaning to get one of their blush sticks, did you think its better than other brands versions ?
    I have the white mirror compact, love the designs on them, I really want that present box they have on their site but its not on Zuneta.

    Hi Jane,
    I fear that after your spending ban all your good work will go amiss when you are let loose and go on a crazy makeup haul ;) I think you would like skylark and should find it quite unique, it was a shade that surprised me. x

  16. Hey! I like the cream blush stick but was quite disappointed at the small amount of product that it contains. The texture is good but nothing earth shattering and definitely not for that price!! Its even more expensive than the powder blush which is a bit weird to me... This is just my opinion but hope it helps!
    For reference I find Edward Bess compact rouge to be my holy grail cream blush, so my opinion might be based on those expectations.

  17. Hi Lakshmi,

    That is really helpful ,thanks! I really like the EB rouge blush I have as well, I get the feeling we may have similar tastes :)


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