Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The newly revamped No.7 cosmetics

The entire No.7 cosmetics range has had a re-vamp. Lisa Eldridge is the creative director of the range and whilst there have been improvements over the the last few years I've never thought the products on par with mid end ranges, so I was intrigued to see how the re-vamped products would fare. First off I think the packaging has improved, though it does have the typical light weight feel of similar priced brands, it now looks a bit more sleek and modern.

The crux of the range is the new foundation match made service which uses a hand-held device which measures which of the 17 shades you match, however as none of the foundation ingredients looked suitable for acne prone skin I gave this a miss and settled on some eyeshadows and a lipstick.

The Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Trio in Good Earth (£8.50) contains shimmery shades in a cream/white, brown and taupe.

The shadows feels reasonably smooth, the pigment level is average but they apply well and blend nicely.
Here is what the trio looks like on

The Stay Perfect Eyeshadow single in wheatsheaf (£8) is a shimmery peachy champagne, it feels smoother and has more pigment compared to the trio.

With a eye primer these last the day with only a slight colour fade.
The Sheer Temptation Lipstick (£9) in Caramel Kiss #12 is a plummy rose with a glossy finish.

It feels creamy and moisturising  though its wear time is very short (even less than my Chanel Coco shines).
Swatches below L-R: Trio, Single, lipstick

Whilst these items cannot draw me away from my higher end brands, from what I have tried the quality is much improved and these easily compare with similar priced brands and even excel. They are on 3 for 2 at the moment so if you do find yourself wondering around a Boots store I think its worth a peruse.

I bought these from Boots.


  1. Thank for the review :-) I'm not sure how to feel about no.7, I guess for me the problem is consistency. Some products are really great - I bought some eye crayons in the summer collection and they were better than the NARS soft touch. But one eyeshadow trio was a failure - the colour faded after one hour. And it's too much hassle to have to investigate and read every review to see if that item is a hit or miss. Hmmm maybe next time I have a £5 off coupon!

    1. Hi Ana,
      I have found thier products in the past to be poor quality overall, this re-vamp seems much improved, I think giving it another go when you have a £5 coupon is a good idea :)

  2. This is really helpful. I must say that I vacillate between wanting to try because they are making an effort and look like there are some interesting collaborations (Poppy King being one) and just thinking boring. I am intrigued by the foundation matching service but cannot believe that it will be sufficiently pale - these textures look tempting though :)

    1. Hi Jan,
      I do know what you mean, it doesn't grab you as such, I bet you would find a few things to like though. The palest foundation did seem lighter that what they had on offer before, so might be worth a go? xx

  3. I only buy No.7 when I have a money off voucher, and to be honest I don't know why I just don't like any of their products. Think them being cheaper may help as I just end up comparing it to Nars, MAC etc! Thanks for the review tho :)

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. Hi Belle,
    it does seem like drugsotre prices are getting closer to mid end brands. I do pick up bits here and there with those money off voucher :)


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