Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Sue Devitt Solomon Islands Collection

Its all very dingy and cold here in the UK, so what better than to bring out a bit of summer time colour. The Solomon Islands Collection (£35) is based on pinks,corals and bronzes.

Here's a run down of what you get and my thoughts:
Destination Eye & Cheek Palette in Solomon Islands: This features warm coral pinks, an icy pink and a copper/bronze. It has quite a sheen to it but I don't think it highlights pores. The texture is smooth,soft, lightweight and long lasting. You can get a variety of tones depending on how you mix the colours.

Microquatic Blue Anti-Aging SPF 30 Protection Primer - 10ml: This is not drying or heavy like a lot of primers, it lessons the look of pores and prolongs the wear of my makeup. If I do wear it too many days in a row I get some congestion (this might well be the algae) but otherwise the texture and effects are really good.

The Powder Brush is made from pony hair. It feels soft and picks up product well. It also retains its shape perfectly after every wash. The precise size it great for blush and powder application on targeted areas.

The Eye Intensifier Pencil in Gold Reef is a deep brown with a hint of bronze and subtle golden shimmer, it feels smooth and quite creamy.
The Lash Intensifier Lengthening Mascara Separates lashes really well and lengthens without clumping, it also doesn't smudge nor flake.
Finally the Lip Enhancing Gloss in Coral Sands, adds a sheer coral shine to the lips and I don't find it sticky or overly tacky.

Swatched below is the gloss, eye pencil, then from the palette the cool pink, copper/bronze and then all the shades mixed together.

In the look below I used gold reef as a base with a bit of the bronze from the Eye & Cheek Palette on top and the pinks from the same palette mixed together and applied softly in the crease. I don't think the pinks work for me on the eyes (but I love them on the cheeks)  but I wanted to show you as many of the colours together in one look (I have also used the mascara).

Overall the colours are cheerful and create a healthy look. Its a really great value set as it contains two full size products (the eye & cheek palette is worth £31 and the eye intensifier pencil £18).

My brother very kindly bought me this from


  1. I love the look of this set and what a fantastic price for all that!

  2. Hi Nazia,
    It really is a great price isn't it, would make a great gift :)


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