Sunday, 21 April 2013

The new Dior Addict Gloss: Diablotine & Rose Surprise

The reformulated Dior Addict Gloss formula promises mirror shine and comfort, it has a gel like texture and contains "hyaluronic acid spheres, to plump and moisturises lips for an intensified volume-boosting effect".

Swatching them in store they felt tacky/sticky, but this great review, made me decide to take a chance on them. The line up has three different textures; shimmer (glittery with a high shine finish), pearly (softly illuminating) and pure (a bright block of colour with a variety of finishes).

I picked up two of the shimmered ones; #643 Diablotine which is a warm strawberry

#653 Rose Surprise which is a warm pink. Both shades have golden micro glitter (£22 each).

Swatched below L-R:Diablotine, Rose Surprise

Applied and they only have a very slight tackiness to them, I would say pigment is sheer so best to go for a more intense shade. I do not find them long wearing but as they feel so comfortable, reapplying isn't an issue. The best aspect for me is that they leave the lips feeling very moisturised and hydrated, the majority of glosses can often leave lips feeling a bit parched after they wear off so this is a really great attribute. I of course now want to try some of the ones in the pearly and pure finish, so if you have any recommendations please let me know.

I bought these from Boots


  1. Rose surprise is such a pretty shade! I love Dior products :) I wouldn't mind reapplying often either, the packaging is so pretty I'd love getting it out!xx

  2. Hi Hannah,
    I know what you mean, I am saving some money for their summer collection, looks very enticing :)

  3. Thank you for the link love <3 I am glad you like those as well, I also was very impressed by how they actually leave my lips - moisturized. I also find them very easy to reapply. I think you would like 853 - Rouge Défendu (a sheer red) from the pure line :) / Claire xxx

  4. well thank you for enticing me to go back for them in the first place :) Thanks for the rec, I'll make sure to have a look at that one xxx

  5. Glad to hear that this does not peel like some other brands lip gloss. However I am a bit concern on the stickiness- I am afraid it would feel too sticky.

    1. Hi,
      I would say that though they felt sticky when you swatch them they don't on the lips like the majority of glosses do, if you were able to try them it would be worth a go I think :)


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