Sunday, 21 December 2014

A backstep with the new Guerlain KissKiss formula and YSL Couture Palettes

Did I jump the gun? Though initially pleased with the new Guerlain KissKiss formula and YSL Couture palettes, I've had a bit of a turnaround after I bought more KissKiss lipsticks and another Couture palette.

After my initial review of the KissKiss reformulation I went and bought two more shades; Red Insolence #320, mid toned red with satin finish and Fabulous Rose #363, plummy rose with shimmer (£26 each).
Whilst I don't deny the creamy texture, hydrating feel combined with very good colour payoff, there was something starting to irk me about about these. I'm finding the texture a bit heavy/clingy and I really find the scent annoying. Whilst I love all the colours I have, I just don't enjoy wearing these anymore.
Here are all my KissKiss shades L-R:Baby Rose, Red Insolence, Fabulous Rose and Beige Booster

Moving onto YSL and I still maintain the the new eye shadow formula is a massive improvement over the older palettes but it was only after I bought Parisienne (£39.50) and realised that I wasn't using Saharienne that I knew something wasn't quite hitting the mark.

Parisienne contains a taupe with a slight shimmer finish, slightly frosty sparkling white, candy pink with satin finish, medium warm rose with slight shimmer finish and in the centre a plummy brown with satin finish (I would have preferred this shade to be more intense as I find it too insipid to use as a liner).

The shadows feel smooth (though not creamy) and blend effortlessly, however this is where the problem lies with the Couture palettes in that they blend too easily. Colour distinction between shades can easily be lost so that the shades do not stand out distinctly when applied and a look can quickly turn messy/muddy looking.
I just wish the shades applied as distinct as they swatch.

Below is as clear as I can get the colours.

Though I buy a lot of makeup I am not a hoarder and am constantly editing my collection, weeding out any items that don't perform and these just aren't cutting it.
Have you bought anything lately that you have changed your mind about after a longer use?

I bought the Guerlain from John Lewis and the YSL from Boots.


  1. Hey Clare, so sorry to hear none of these is actually that fantastic! The last things I bought and was disappointed by are NARS Descanso and Torres Del Paine in the Digital World set. I really adore the three brighter and bolder shades, but these two are so creamy that they kind of set into lines, and also they wash me out a little. Oh well. Still don't regret getting the set, but I know I should avoid the lighter shades in the Satin Lip Pencil formula now.

    1. Sets are always tricky aren't they as they often can't cater for all, I was very tempted by that Nars one but know I'd had problems with 1 or 2 of the shades, would have been nice if they had released two versions, one more deep/brights and the other more neutral :)

  2. I was disappointed in the Kiss Kiss lipsticks too!

    1. I did do a bit of a u turn on these, mind you gave these to my mum and she really likes them, do wish I hadn't bought four of them though ;)


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