Friday, 5 March 2010

Beaute Weightless Lip Crème

If you were on makeupalley quite a few years back you will probably know the Beaute brand via the makeup artist Beau Nelson, I think by posting on the makeup boards and offering advise it enabled him to create a loyal following, one which was all to happy to pounce when he debuted his makeup range.
Beaute is now available on a UK site (which I think is the only UK stockist).
I bought the weightless lip crème in Trace (£22) a soft, slightly beige pink.
This liquid lipstick provides full coverage and is quite long lasting. It is lightweight and feels comfortable on with practically no stickiness or tackiness. The finish is not shimmery, but more of a semi matte. It has a doe foot applicator. I'd quite like to try the liquid gel stains,assuming I can find out the ingredients first.

The delivery from cocobeau was really quick so no complaints there.


  1. i really like the look of that, i think i will try one next month. i remember 'ghost' i haven't been on MUA in so long : ( Elle x

  2. Gorgeous colour!

  3. Thank the Lord for somebody who knows make up brands and their history..i did not know Beaute was by Beau Nelson! Thanks for the insight!

    Many people are reviewing their freebie Beaute products which is all well and good and I have no problem with whatsoever, but when some sort of background is given..without PR just makes me more interested.

    Shame they are so expensive actually, would love to try but i don't want to buy without swatching first.

  4. I didn't personally ever get the feeling that he was posting at MUA in order to drum up business for Beaute - he was posting at MUA for a long time before he started working on his line, and he didn't ever push his line when people asked him for advice on MUA. (All products I own by Beaute were either purchased by me or CPed by a friend; none of them come from the company.)

    I have a Liqui-Gel box, happy to post ingredients if you'd like them.

  5. Sorry, just wanted to add to my previous comment - I'm not suggesting that that's what your post says Replica, but it's something that was often levelled at Beau when his range launched, and it bugged me a bit! :)

  6. Hi Elle,
    I don't go on MUA much anymore either, only to look at the reviews,shame as I used to be on there all the time but the community seems quite different now. Thanks for your comment.

    Hi Marce,
    It is really nice, I don't think you could go wrong with this colour.

    Hi Ally,
    Thanks,it is difficult buying things you can't swatch first, still there are a load of good blogs with swatches on although I know I have had a few mishaps when buying sight unseen. I think they are expanding the range this year so hopefully they will be available in more stores.

    Hi Grace,
    Wasn't being funny, I meant that as he was helpful on MUA and knowledgable, that when his range came out you felt you could trust it, I know I was desperate to get my hands on it, I think MUA would have removed him at the slightest hint of him pushing his line so its a shame that some people thought that was going on.

    Hi Yoli,
    Thanks for your comment, I think there are quite a few more colours in his lip range I want, they seem very wearable.


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