Friday, 16 April 2010

The quest for THE Mascara

It use to be that I would always buy the same mascara, Armani Starlash never failed me until one time I received one that was really dry and then I hear its been discontinued anyhow, the search began….
I have lost count of how many I have tried since then, they have ranged from really cheap to high end and I have still not found the one. I’d thought I’d start posting about them, for reference I have short, sparse, light lashes so need everything basically (length, thickness and lift) .These are the three I currently have and my thoughts….

Lancome Virtuose: gives length and volume can be prone to clumping but gives great lift, the problem is every time I remove this it makes some lashes fall out, I’ve never had this happen with any other mascara, can’t be good!
Nars Larger than life lengthening mascara:For the first month this worked really well for me, it lengthened, gave a bit of volume, lifted the lashes and held all day with no smudging or flaking. Although the effect wasn’t as intense as I prefer it gave me more oomph that a natural looking mascara. You’ll notice I say the first month, unfortunately afterwards the formula seems to have change consistency, making the lashes look a bit dry and crinkly, such a shame as I was initially thinking this would be a re-buy.
MAC Studio Fix Lash: I’ve not been impressed by MAC’s other mascara's but this is a definite improvement. It lengthens well and gives a bit of thickness, doesn’t seem to clump, however I cannot get much lift with this and it does seem to droop a bit as the day goes on.
If your lashes sound similar to mine and you have found something that works for you please let me know. I have bought so many duds lately, must have lost my makeup mojo…..


  1. Hello Replica,
    I suggest you try Armani eyes to kill mascara. My lashes sound very much like yours (although they are not light) and on me Eyes to kill lengthens (a lot!), defines, lifts, volumises, never clumps and never smudges, even though I have heavily hooded lids. It has now replaced my beloved YSL Effet faux cils that had been a HG for a very long time.
    Have a good weekend!

  2. I really love the sample of Hourglass mascara I got with a Zuneta package. I don't normally buy higher end mascaras because of having to bin them after a few months, but I'm seriously tempted. I find it coats well, is lengthening and slightly thickening, holds the curl well and does not go flaky. I'm guessing you've probably had a sample too though.

    I also really like the new Estee Lauder one (yes, another free sample. I think it's called 'Sumptuous Lifting' or something like that.

  3. Hi Nina,
    I have tried the Armani eyes to kill mascara and really loved it but it went really clumpy after a month, I wonder if I got a old one, how long have you had yours for ? Thanks for stopping by :)

    Hi Glamoured,
    I'm sure I did get a sample, but can't remember what I thought of it (that shows how many I have been through). If you do get the Hourglass one let me know if you still rate it. I've never tried an EL one, I'll have a look for that, I'm sure if there is a GWP on that will seal the deal :)

  4. Oh, sorry to hear that. I have had mine for over 5 months now (I know about the 3-month rule, but I don't use mascara every single day and it just seems such a waste...) and it's only just starting to show slight dryness. Oh well, good luck in your quest!
    BTW I really like your blog, your taste in MU and your reviews. So, thanks for having me... :-)

  5. my fav is still YSL ;) always go back to it after trying other brands.

  6. Hi Nina,
    Maybe I got a Dud one. Thanks, glad to have you, I sometimes wonder if the brands I like aren't that popular so nice to find people who have the same taste :)

    Hi NottyEvil,
    I think I may try their newer one at some point, Singulier as that seems quite popular.

  7. Hi Replica: I use Fiberwig. It works great on me. Living in Asia with very humid temperature, Fiberwig doesn't smear at all.

  8. Hi Lovermini,

    I've not heard of that brand, not sure if you can get it here in the UK, I'll do a search for it, thanks for the suggestion, it sounds good :)


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