Friday, 13 August 2010

Burberry Lip Cover: Prune

For my third Burberry lipstick I decided to go for a deeper colour. I opted for Prune No.14 (£22) and immediately thought I have gone too dark when it arrived. It’s a semi-matte deep red/raisin. The finish is full coverage, my swatch below is one swipe.
This colour is out of my comfort zone, so I have to blot it down to make it wearable. When I do this I get a beautiful strong deep red lip, perfect for the impending Autumn/Winter months.
The formulation provides great pigmentation and smooth application however they can't compare to the moisturising abilities of my Rouge Bunny Rouge Lipsticks. Although I am tempted by a few more shades.

I bought this from Harrods, I got some more of the eye shadows and the foundation which I'll tell you about soon. I did want to buy a blush but can't find the ingredients anywhere, so if you happen to know them I'd really appreciate if you could let me know.

These lipsticks are scented.


  1. ...aaaand I'm back in the room! Well, for another week, after which it's off to an island for a decent holiday until the end of the month.
    But enough about me. This colour is beyond gorgeous!!! And I can absolutely see what you mean about blotting and being left with a lovely stain.
    Pity that I can't pull off such dark colours for love nor money...vertical lines and strong (opaque-ish) colours just don't mix :(
    Have a lovely weekend (we currently stand to reach 105 in Athens!).

    Nina x

  2. 105, hope you've got plenty of sunscreen :) I'll sit here being envious when you go on your Island holiday then!
    I notice I seem to be getting more lines on my lips, wonder if I should get a lip primer, the Guerlain one is meant to be good, have you tried it ?

  3. What a good point you raise!
    I haven't tried any lip primers at all actually and I wouldn't mind a recommendation myself. Guerlain has to be a good bet, I haven't tried a product I didn't find very good from them so far.
    If you have any other ideas, please share...
    Oh, and the Enigma quad, hmmm, leaves me a bit cold I have to admit...thanks for the swatches, they are very-very useful as always!

  4. I'm not overly pleased with any of the items I bought from Chanel fall so probably best you give that a miss. Have you seen the pictures of the palettes from the fall Armani, Chantecaille and Le Metier collections ? They are the ones I really want.
    You know I have a feeling that I've had the Guerlain lip primer used on me before by the SA, can't remeber whether it was good or not, I'm going to the counter early September to get the fall collection so I'll ask the SA to try it on me with one of their darker colours and we can see if its any good x

  5. you're talking!
    Le Metier is as good as mine already (I've budgeted!) and I'm getting so ahead of myself that I actually sent John (my husband) to Selfridge's yesterday to pick me up two of the new Guerlain palettes to bring to Athens when he joins me at the weekend...
    Poor thing called me in a panic when the SA told him they're not out yet, he actually did not believe them and had to confirm with me!!!
    I was laughing for hours but it did make me wonder about how I must have sounded (desperate? manic? mad? all of the above?) when I asked him to do
    As for the lip primer, I'll also have a look at Shiseido and I have high hopes for Kanebo Sensai which, for some crazy reason, is actually cheeper in Greece...go figure.

    Nina x

  6. Love that you sent your husband on a makeup mission! I'm sure when I asked the Guerlain SA where the fall collection was I sounded a bit desparate!! I ranted about it all the way home to my husband ;)
    I tend to forget about the likes of Kanebo/Shiseido, they don't seem to have the presence here they once had.
    Do you know what the release date is for the Le Metier ? x

  7. No, I don't know the date, but I'm back on 7 September (I took another week in Greece - just because I can! lol) and fully intend to visit Liberty within that week to get all the news firsthand.
    Will keep you posted. x

  8. I bet this looks gorgeous as a lip stain. I'm not sure if you saw my update, but I did get a response from Guerlain in the end and it's definitely out 4th September. I meant to say in my email, that the Chantecaille palette is gorgeous. x

  9. Thanks Nina, shame I can't come to liberty with you! x

    Hi Jane,
    Thanks, the 4th is not far off now, you know we will probably see it and not be wowed after we have built it up in our minds so much! x


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