Saturday, 21 August 2010

Chanel fall 2010: Khaki Vert and Chintz

Part of the 2010 fall collection, Khaki Vert (£19.50) is a beautiful shimmered golden olive green in the pan.

However applied I get a murky more browned toned colour.
The shadow is very pigmented but the texture is not like my other Chanel shadows, there is not much give in it, it feels more like a liner shade and applies a bit patchy so careful blending is required.
I had previously bought two of the Rouge Coco lipsticks and wasn't overly impressed as I found them a bit drying. I picked up the fall shade Chintz (£21.50) as the peach with a subtle hint of pink seemed a shade I was missing.
This doesn't seem as drying but I still don't find it moisturising. The colour gives a nice pop of colour and pairs well with a smokey eye.
The Chanel fall collection was mostly a miss for me, ultimately the eye colours looked better in the pan than when applied.


  1. I thought I was the only one who found the Rouge Cocos a bit drying, pleased to hear this isn't the case.

    Having said that, I wish I'd taken a closer look at Chintz last week

  2. Great reviews!
    Both are items I 'd love to swatch in person, as they 're both on my wishlist!
    Thanx for the swatches!


  3. I'm surprised by how the colour applies on your lid. The swatch I did on my hand was definitely more green than brown. It's funny how colours change like that. I swatched over the guerlain foundation too which I think is why it applied smoothly, the silica would have provided some slip.

    Chintz looks very nice, I'm so behind that I'm still after Mademoiselle. I find it odd that some lipsticks are so drying when other manage to be pigmented, moisturising and have decent staying power. Come on formulations people, get on it!

  4. Hi Lipglossing,
    I know what you mean, I kept reading reviews where people were saying they were really hydrating and mositurising so I wondered if I had duds :)

    Hi Tina,
    Thanks, I know when I attempt to swatch Chanel instore the SA's don't like it so always good to look at swatches online.

    Hi Jane,
    Yes, I am rather miffed that I don't get the nice green/olive colour in the pan! A lot of people seem to really rate this shade, wonder if my paleness made the colour turn!
    I'm sure some people have said that Mademoiselle turned a bit orange ?

  5. It's interesting about the green thing, as I recently had a conversation with Lady of the Lane about Taupe Gris and that looks taupe on her whereas it was definitely dirty purple on me. It's really funny how ones colouring effects the appearance of a shade.

    Ooof at that the orange too, that would be so bad on me. And just like that, it's off my list!

    (PS. I have to write mings as my verification).

  6. LOL at mings, how random is that! I have to admit that I sometimes spell those verification things wrong and have to do them again, not sure what that says about me....doh...

  7. oh I love how it applies on your eye, but I guess it's not what you were expecting. I love the shade of the lipstick, interesting to hear they're a tad dry. a really helpful review because I haven't bought anything from this collection yet :)

  8. Thanks Em. I've been trying to use it in the crease more and find it works better there for me.


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