Friday, 23 September 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Fetiche & Bel Ami

Although I mourned the lost of the Aqualumiere's, the Rouge Coco Shines (whilst not quite the same formula) have been a welcome addition.
I think the range is extremely wearable, the colours crisp and fresh and the shine/gloss finish is flattering.
They feel lightweight, quite hydrating and apply smoothly. However, the one drawback is lasting power, these are very fleeting, because of this I have tried to curb my longing for more shades, but I have failed.
Bel Ami #66 is a natural plummy rose with a bit of brown, Fetiche #52 is a cool toned mauve pink. (£23 each)
Swatches L-R: Fetiche,Bel Ami

I'll do a round up post soon showing you all my Coco Shine together as I seem to have a bit of a collection going with them.

I bought these from Debenhams


  1. Fetiche is very pretty! :)

    If only the lasting power were better!! Looking forward to seeing your collection. :)

  2. Looking forward to seeing all of them. I got Bel Ami and love the color. Fetiche was next on my list!

  3. They both look very pretty. Do they show up as colour on your lips? I suspect my natural lip colour would prevent them showing up as anything more than gloss.
    Jane x

  4. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    I didn't even pay attention to Fetiche at first, so glad I picked it up, its a really pretty feminine shade :)

    Hi Martha,
    I was surprised how much I like Bel Ami, although the SA said it was the most popular colour they had in terms of sales :)

    Hi Jane,
    Yep, they show up, I actually think you would really like Bel Ami, quite a nice fall colour, worth you having a look I think when you are next at a counter x

  5. Hey! Bel Ami is one of my favorites, you're right I got quite a few of these when they were first released and have since moved on to more recent aquisitions! ;) I must remember to put one or two of these in my makeup bag, thanks for the reminder.
    Btw the new Passion duos from D&G with the lipgloss core are gorgeous, there is one color I know you'll love, its like their lipstick in Naked, i forget the name but its #250 I'm waiting for my next paycheck to get one:)

  6. Hi Lakshmi,
    I have read some really got things about the D&G duos so have been working out what shades to order, I looked on the Harrods site but they seem to be listed by name rather than number so I'll have to look somewhere else to find out the name of #250, thanks for the rec as you do always pick things out I like x

  7. Hello again Lakshmi,
    Just did a search and #250 is called Desirable, so I'll pop that on my list x

  8. Great I hope you like it! Yeah the testers I saw had all the names crossed out so it was a bit hard to see. There are a wide variety of shades so plenty for us to choose from, they also seem to be more pigmented than the latest crop of "sheer" lippies we've been seeing. Am (im)patiently waiting to order them..

  9. Hi Lakshmi,
    I've just ordered Desirable, hope you are happy with yourself ;) xx

  10. Teehee!! *sneaky chuckle* !!!
    But on a serious note, I do hope you like it, am actually a bit stressed now...


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