Friday, 2 September 2011

MAC Styledriven Pro Longwear Eye Shadow: Sweet Satisfaction & Lie Low

The MAC Styledriven collection consists of Pro Longwear products for eyes and lips. I picked up two of the eye shadows.
These are larger than the normal shadows, the same size as the Mega Metal shadows.
Sweet Satisfaction is a shimmery warm sandy beige
Lie Low is a medium slightly shimmered warm golden brown (£15.50 each).

Mac state the following about this product "A unique long wearing Eye Shadow with a silky, creamy texture formulated for maximum colour impact. Easily blendable and buildable; lids are visibly smooth no matter how intense the application. Lasts 8 hours"
I'm not in complete agreement. Whilst the shadows feel smooth, I would not say they are creamy and I think they have a slightly dry feel about them. I swatched most shades in store and although pigmentation was good overall, I definitely don't find these pigment intense. They do blend well, however whilst I'd say they last better than a lot of the other MAC formulas I don't consider them extremely long wearing and did get a bit of colour fade when using them without a base.
Here's a picture of them applied, I was in a rush so my application is a bit lame, I just wanted to try and show you the finish of the shades.
This is not to say I don't like these, as I do, and they are one of the better MAC shadow formulations, however I don't think these necessarily live up to all the claims, so I'd advise to buy them more for the colour than for the reported attributes of the formula.
I also bought the new Matchmaster foundation which I'll tell you about next week.

I bought these from a MAC store.

Updated 3/9/11 with more realistic picture of Lie Low


  1. Sweet Satisfaction is gorgeous! :) Loving the look you did with these two.

  2. I really like the colours they have come out with in these new collections, I haven't been taken with some of the recent MAC releases but I like a lot of what I saw yesterday.

    I bought the Absolutely It lipliner which I love and I was thinking about whether to get a couple of the eyshadows - I really liked Weathered and Carefree although I wanted to check if I already have something similar.

  3. These look great on you! I had not heard of this collection until now. It's too bad they don't quite live up to MAC's claims, but they are pretty shades nonetheless :)

  4. Thanks for the swatches and review. The shades are pretty but I hesitate a bit since the price is rather high for a MAC eyeshadow. At $20 a piece, I feel like it is better spent on other brands instead.

  5. These are quite pretty, very flattering colours and, despite your claims, I think you've done a great job applying them :)
    Are these permanent? I haven't even been near a MAC counter for ages. Between all the exciting new offerings and MAC's endless LE collections, I think I've grown a bit tired of it.
    Have a lovely weekend Replica!
    Nina x

  6. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    Thank you :) I bet a lot of people will end up Sweet Satisfaction as its the most easy to wear shade.

    Hi Meeta,
    I was surprised by how much they launched this month, even by MAC standards, at my store they didn't even have space to get all the displays out! x

    Hi Makeup Magpie,
    Thank you :) I think UK/Europe got them early, I think the America release is the 22nd :)

    Hi Kristie,
    Yes, I see what you mean as you could pay a little bit more and get a high end brand. You must go for the common sense approach, something which I lack ;)

    Hi Nina,
    Thank you, thats nice of you to say :) I have a feeling they are permanent, I really shouldn't go near a MAC counter! I mean how are we going to afford all this Tom Ford I don't know..I have been looking at it on the Selfridges site...
    Have a lovely weekend too x

  7. These look pretty, I was drawn to these shades too when I looked at the display unit. But you are right they did strike me as a bit dry...
    still unique colors compared to MAC's permanent line, I couldnt' think of a non LE dupe, can you? Maybe wedge or bamboo, oh well maybe not?

  8. Hi Lakshmi,
    I think you are right that there is not an exact dupe, I do really like the colours but I probably could have skipped these, mind you I could say that about half of my MAC collection! :)


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