Friday, 23 December 2011

Winter skin comforts from Pai

My skin really does not like the winter. The coldness coupled with the increase of central heating has a very drying effect on my already dry skin, redness that I am prone to goes up a notch and my skin often feels chapped. Unfortunately I cannot lather on rich, heavy products as they result in breakouts.
Two products that I have found really helpful are the Pai Camellia & Rose gentle hydrating cleanser (£25) and Bergamot Orange Organic Lip Balm (£7).
I have mentioned both these before in 2009, so wanted to give them a re-mention as their packaging has since changed and the formulas feel different.
The cleanser sits in-between a cream and lotion consistency, though it does not feel cloying or heavy. It spreads nicely over the skin and leaves skin soft yet without a residue. Its extremely efficient at removing makeup (I get none left on a pad when I do a toner sweep) and I also find its really good at removing mascara (without stinging the eyes). It causes me no irritation/breakouts, this along with my Elemental Herbology are my favourite cleansers for these colder months, really soothing on parched and sore skin.

The lip balm comes in a screw top container and has a very pleasant citrus scent.
Initially hard, yet on application it seems to almost melt into the skin, it does have quite a bit of slip.
It elevates the dryness and makes the lips feel soft and comfortable. It also does not break me out around the lip line (which I am very prone to with lip balms). A handy little item to have in your handbag.

I bought these from


  1. My skin really dislikes the winter too! These products sound lovely.

  2. My skin and winter, the worst combination... but I discover the best skin care ever ever ever. NUDE Serum + Advance Moisturiser. You can email the brand and ask for samples to try it. Believe me you will be impressed. oh!!! In worst days, very cold outside and torrid air cons inside i use the oil, but just during the day... my skin can not handle heavy moisturiser on night time. Other thing... they may sound expensive... but I bought my serum at the end of september, use morning and night most days, and still have some...

  3. Pai has become a staple for me and a skin saviour all year round, thanks to you and Grace from London Makeup Girl!
    Dearest Replica I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas full of joy and love...hugs from Athens :))
    Nina xxx

  4. I've just started using the cleanser too, and I like it a lot. Very soothing, and smells lovely.

  5. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    It really is a lovely range, I seen to have amassed quite a collection :)

    Hi Gabriela,
    Thanks for the recs, I know there is a serum that everyone raves about from that brand so thats probably the same one, I'll be sure to check them out :)

    Hi Nina,
    I think I could switch over to Pai completely, I also like that its not too spendy ;)
    I wish you and your family a great Christmas and lets hope you get lots of lovely makeup, take care, look forward to talking to you again soon xxx

    Hello Grace,
    Its definitely something I'll carry on re-buying. I also like that they have only one cleanser, its a very fuss free brand I think, which really suits me ;) x


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