Sunday, 5 February 2012

Chanel Éclosion Quad

The Éclosion quad (£37) looks rather warm in the palette so it was not something I was planning to buy, however an innocent swatch at the counter changed my mind. Though the colours lean warm I do think this is wearable for my cool toned skin.
It contains a peachy coral with a soft shimmer, very sheer ivory with gold micro glitter, deep plummy brown (slight red tone) and a sandy beige with soft shimmer.
I've never been a fan of the baked formula from Chanel, which I find very powdery/dry and usually accompanied by poor pigmentation. However, this quad is an improvement for all but one shade. They feel less dry, the colour is smoother and pigment is improved. The one "old style" shade is the ivory on the top right, its very sheer, very powdering and has a lot of fall out.
The colours coordinate very well and it gives a nice brightening look,with the plum adding definition. Yet, I must concede that though I like the overall look, the shades are not special in themselves as such, so I wouldn't rush out to get this if you have similar colours in your collection.


I bought this from John Lewis


  1. Replies
    1. Hello,
      They are very nice for a slightly warm natural look :)

  2. It's interesting because I wrote this off immediately despite loving the colours, its the plummy one that I love, but when I swatched it I thought it didn't seem as bad as they usually are...I didn't buy it but I keep umming and ahhing about it. Love the Grenat liner too and really fancy both!

    1. Hi Charlie,
      I think this would really suit you, I think you can work these types of colours better than I can. You know I didn't even glace at the Grenat liner, perhaps I sbhould have a look ;)

  3. It does look pretty, but...I haven't bought a Chanel quad in ages! It's exactly as you say, the shades are never special enough for me to justify buying the payoff is usually not worth it anyway. Thinking about it, I think I actually have similar Chanel shades in my stash, have to go and rummage properly, might find some gems! Mmm, I see you're still slacking on the eye looks....:P xxx

    1. LOL Anna, yes I am slack ;) I bought some more from the spring collection so when I do those posts I'll try and get a eye look pic in for you of this quad, now don't say I don't treat you ;) xxx


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