Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura rouge unlimited lipsticks

Shu Uemura is known for doing artist collaborations and the 2012 holiday collection collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld caused much anticipation. I always find that Shu brings out interesting collections with colours I would not normally wear together and packaging that looks artistic and contemporary.

The collection is centred around the "Mon Shu Girl" image drawn by Karl Lagerfeld.There are four Rouge Unlimited lipsticks in the collection (they are priced as £19 each but I bought these on sale for £9.50 each, hence why I had to get them all).
Mon Shu Red-bright warm red
Parisienne Pink-sheer slightly milky pink 
Celebrity Beige-sheer peach
Luxe Burgundy-berry plum

The formula feels light weight and has quite a slick feel. I was expecting these to be quite sheer but they actually give good coverage.Though they feel hydrating I do find these can highlight dry patches so lips need to be smooth before application.Wear time is a few hours at best for the lighter two shades but I find the darker two leave a bit of stain so last longer.
Swatches L-R: Luxe Burgundy, Parisienne Pink, Mon Shu Red, Celebrity Beige
They have a glossy finish and very subtle shimmer making the lips look plumper.

They are a fun addition to my collection though I would not say the colours are unique and of the four, I think Luxe Burgundy is the most wearable.
I bought these from


  1. That one Mon Shu Red has been in and out of my shopping basket for months, but I never bought it. It does look like a beautiful clear red on your skin! <3 Also, you UK sales! So jealous. Harrumph!

    1. Mon Shu Red is very pretty, though it does pull too bright on me, that has since changed hands to my mother as its a lot more calmer on her.
      The thing with sales is that I tend to also buy things just because they were in the sale rather than actual wants, its all a bit over saturation really, I really just need to be less greedy :)

  2. I had to laugh at your comment to Bellyhead - I am the same, especially with skincare and have at least 3 cleansing balms in storage as well as one on the go because they were "bargains". I love the shades of these though, subtle but infinitely wearable, I would be hard-pushed to choose just one!

    1. Hi Jan,
      Well I am glad that its not just me that has a problem with the sales :) Still have stuff sitting on the side that I have not got round to using yet...ooh the shame ;)

  3. Oh wow you got the lipstick :) I like Shu Uemura lipsticks especially the semi matte ones.


    1. Hi Meryl,
      They do feel very nice on, I tend to forget about Shu so will have to pay them more attention :)


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