Sunday, 20 January 2013

Rouge Bunny Rouge Megaplumes Dramatic Lash Mascara

The newest mascara released by Rouge Bunny Rouge, Megaplumes (£24) is their most dramatic mascara.

The tube is adorned with the beautiful intricate designs we expect from RBR.

The brush is curved and large, as my lashes are short/fine I do need to take extra time to apply than I would a smaller brush head.

Megaplumes gives length, definition and volume. Best of all it gives that fluttery/feathered effect.
The below photo is one application

It comes in one shade, Tenebrous Boa, which is a really deep black. I don't find it flakes/smudges or makes my lashes feel crispy.

 A great all round mascara that won't let you down, let the adoration of Rouge Bunny Rouge continue...


 I bought this from


  1. I swear they've changed the formula of my favourite mascara (no7 exquisite curls) so I'm desperate to find an alternative. I thought this might be too expensive, but it's actually not too bad. Long way to say I might purchase this on pay day ;)

    1. Hi Kat,
      I think it would be a good pay day treat :)
      It is so annoying when a brand changes the formula of something thats a staple,

  2. I really like the look of this and the name makes it sound more appealing!

    1. Hi Meeta,
      I liked the name as well :) Its a great all round mascara.

  3. The shape looks nice and it does gives volume to your lashes! I want to try RBR products so much :)

  4. I bet you have a big RBR wish list :)


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