Sunday, 21 September 2014

Bobbi Brown Fall 2014:Smokey Nudes Eye Palette

Limited edition for the Fall Smokey Nudes Collection, the Smokey Nudes Eye Palette (£48) contains the following shades:
Cream Eye Shadow (matte cream)
Naked Eye Shadow (matte warm clay nude)
Woodrose Eye Shadow (matte grey)
Silver Brown Sparkle Eye Shadow (glitter taupe)

Watercolor Pink Sparkle Eye Shadow (glitter seashell pink)
Nude Beach Metallic Eye Shadow (shimmery golden beige)
Smokey Brown Metallic Eye Shadow (shimmery golden bronzed taupe)
Smoked Eye Shadow (matte deep cool toned brown)

The palette has a good range of finishes and shade depths, the only colour inclusion I question is Naked as its very warm against the other shades and doesn't quite fit.

Though Watercolor Pink is more of a a topper shade, the others all have good pigment and blend well. I do need to use an eye primer with the shades (though I do get fall out from Watercolor Pink even with a primer).

This is easily the best Bobbi  Brown palette I've ever had, not just because of the flattering versatile colours, but predominately because of the performance. For me the shadow formula in BB palettes is extremely hit and miss, some are smooth and are easy to work with but others can be lacking in pigment, dry, chalky and apply really patchy, I was therefore surprised that none of the shades in Smokey Nudes apply poorly. The formula is definitely an improvement on past palettes.

Though I could have done without Naked, I am really liking this palette, it allows me to create a smokey eye of differing intensities, and also a subtle nude look.

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  1. wow, this palette really seems to have the perfect composition without falling into repetitive colours. The naked is indeed a bit of the odd one out

    1. The shades go so well together (apart from Naked, though that one seems to pop up in quite a few BB palettes), I'm looking forward to what they bring out in their holiday collection now :)

  2. What a beautiful neutral palette Clare, to be honest I haven't bought a Bobbi Brown palette in ages. I'm glad the quality of the palette is good, I love the eye look you have done. Beautiful :)

    1. Thank you :) I'm glad I took the chance on it, just hope the other palettes they release from now on have this formula as I'm now eying up the holiday ones :)

  3. I'm always tempted by the BB palettes but haven't splurged yet x

    1. Maybe you'll give into temptation ;) I like the look of two of their holiday palettes so am sure I'll not be able to resist :)


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