Sunday, 1 February 2015

By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Blush in Platinum Blonde

Whats better than having one Terrybly Densiliss Blush? Having two of course!
As I was really pleased with the blush in Sexy Pink, I bought Platinum Blonde (£52).

I was expecting it to be more of a beige peach going by what I'd seen online but its actually more of a tangerine, luckily its not got that noticeable yellow tone like a lot of warmer blushers do.

As long as I use a light hand (its very pigmented) it doesn't look off on my cool toned skin and instead adds a healthy looking warmth to the complexion.

I've found the Terrybly Densiliss Blushers to be incredible smooth, silky and lightweight. Application is a complete breeze, they apply effortlessly, never looking powdery or unblended. In terms of finish they give a soft focused glow that makes the skin look smooth and brightens the complexion with a long wear time.
These are very expensive blushers, so they have to deliver and though I would prefer the packaging to be more streamlined and less heavy, there are no flaws with the application/performance.

By Terry is a luxury, indulgent brand, and though not everything is always a success for me (you know how picky I am) I really think the line has some stand out products.
I've noticed they have new eye palettes, (link here for pre-sale on SpaceNK and would you know it I just had to add one to my cart :)

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  1. such a gorgeous blusher!! The price point is a bit high for what I would usually invest in a blusher, but I adore the presentation and finish of this product!

    1. Yes, I try not to think about the price ;) By Terry prices do seem to get higher and higher, am very glad that this performs so well though.

  2. Oh hey, EYE PALETTE! Sorry but I got super distracted by it :) I'd love to hear what you think about it, considering the brand is indeed more available here nowadays but I probably still shouldn't expect new stuff to show up quite as fast.

    The blush looks lovely on you! I can see what you mean. It's definitely warm, but not in a way that it contrasts badly with your skin tone.

    1. I think this blush shade would like really nice on you. I'm going to get the more nude eye palette, the more colourful one looks a bit bright for me :) I like the eyeshadows I've had in the past from the brand so have high hopes for the palette.

  3. Hi dear Clare!The eyeshadow palette, colour design, is super interesting!
    The blush is very nice, but I think it doesn't work on my skin tone. In general I prefer to contour my face without blush =)

    1. Hi Marghe,
      The eyeshadow palette does look very promising, hopeful it will perform as good as it looks :)

  4. I have this color, too, and love it. I usually do better with pink/rose blush shades, but this one works. Perhaps it's because, as you said, there isn't a lot of yellow in it.

    Thank you for bringing these blushes to my attention, by the way--it's thanks to your initial review (of Sexy Pink) that I ended up with this one.

    1. Thanks, I'm always happy to entice and am very glad to hear you are enjoying the shade x


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