Sunday, 19 July 2015

Rouge Bunny Rouge Imperceptible Powder Evanescence plus a discount code for you

Rouge Bunny Rouge have brought out a new pressed powder called Imperceptible Powder Evanescence, its meant to be suitable for all skin types (including dry) and provide a "bare skin" finish. The formula is enriched with rose hip oil and contains an anti-wrinkle complex called D’Orientine S.

Though I need to wear powder daily as I get a lot of shine breakthrough, me and powder do not get along, however as RBR is a brand I have a very good success rate with I was keen to give this a try.

RBR very kindly sent me the powder, I selected the lightest shade Aura (there are four shades available). Aura suits my pale complexion well, there is a slight yellow tone to this that helps counteract some of my redness.

The powder has a smooth, silky texture and feels light weight. It does not blot out all shine, like something more heavy duty like MAC blot, but it prevents any more shine coming through. The powder really does lock everything in place, I notice very little change after a days wear (I tend to wear makeup from 6:00AM till 18:30PM).
Swathed below L-R: Trish McEvoy Translucent Finishing Powder, RBR Aura, Chanel Les Beiges No.10

The powder blends very nicely on the skin, not accentuating dryness nor fine lines and provides medium coverage with a natural you skin but better finish.
Shown below with bare skin and then just one light dusting of the powder,

Ingredients below (the powder is free from parabens, silicones and oils). This powder is heavily scented, kind of a sweet almond smell, fragrance tends to make my skin itchy straight away but I've had no problem with this but I would have preferred fragrance to have been excluded.

For me this is a solid performer as I have not encountered any of the problems I normally get with powders (such as feeling drying, clinging onto dry patches, not preventing shine, breaking me out and not lasting).
I really like that this does not feel mask like and provides a medium coverage that minimises excess shine without obliterating everything, so that your skin still looks like skin but just on a good day.

RBR have kindly provided a 20% discount for anything in the RBR range to all my readers. The code can be used via and is applicable for all the countries they ship to and there is no minimum spend. The code to enter in the discount box is RBR-VISIONARYBEAUTY20

Disclosure: The powder was sent to me for free


  1. Oooh, thanks for the review and the code!
    I've tried their pressed powder before this and it was so great for setting makeup in winter time. Not drying at all!
    Aura is a beautiful shade. :)


    1. I never got round to trying the original powder but heard good things about it. Aura is a great shade for pale skin and seems to help with my ruddiness. Glad the code is of use to you. Thanks for the re-tweet btw :)

  2. Hey Clare, I'm glad to hear this works well for you! I can actually see the difference in the photos :) I have way too many powders for the moment so I think I'll wait. I am beginning to think I don't powder enough, as I've hardly finished even one compact!

    1. Glad you can see the difference as I was thinking afterwards I should have put on more than just a sheer layer to get it to show.
      I didn't use to powder much but since having my second child I am shine city so have to use it everyday. I think this is one worth keeping in mind for when you do need a new powder :)

  3. Thanks for this review. I love the Diaphanous powder, but obviously being a loose powder its not very practical for the handbag if a touch up is needed.
    The Beauty Bloss

    1. I've heard great things about the Diaphanous powder but agree its nice to have a compact in a handbag for touch ups. I usally prefer a loose powder but find this one performs a lot better than other pressed ones I've tried.

  4. I can definitely see myself getting some use out of that coupon ;)
    I have very dry skin, so I tend to avoid anything mattifying. Still, this product sounds so lovely, you're starting to sell me on it...and I don't even use setting powders! haha

    1. Well I like to encourage spending you know ;)
      I need to place an order soon as want to get some of the reformulated lipsticks.
      My skin is very dry to the touch but looks really shiny and I get a lot of shine break through, which is weird. I think this is a good powder to try for those with a dry skin type, if you were so inclined.


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