Saturday, 18 July 2009

Becca nude lipsticks

Nude lipstick can be hard to pull off, I'm cool toned and rather pale so they tend to make me look washed out. Becca offer a good selection of 4 nude lip colours (Gisella, Estella,Laelia and Yasmina) within their sheer tint lip colour range. The two I have are Gisella (peachy/caramel pinky nude) and Yasmina (mauve/beige nude)they feel very creamy and comfortable on, pigmentation is good for a sheer lipstick, they don't last long but that seems to be the case for most brands range of sheer lipsticks. Of the two Gisella is probably the safer option as Yasmina is probably best for those cool toned and I could see it pulling a bit too brown on some so ymmv with that one.
The Becca website tends to do at least one 20% off a year so its worth checking makeup boards/blogs for codes as if they give a code for the American site this applies to UK site as well.


  1. Really love these lipsticks, such a nice feel to them!

  2. Hi Nat,
    Your comment just reminded me that I should really get some more of these, since I did this post I have used these two shades up! x


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