Friday, 24 July 2009

New Brand: Rouge Bunny Rouge

Rouge Bunny Rouge is a brand from Russia, they seem relatively unknown in the UK and have only recently become available to buy online. I saw a great review on Grace's blog ( and after reading it I knew I had to place an order from Zuneta. I got lipsticks (£22) in 'Irreverence', described as a "Creamy, satin-finish natural rosy pink" , this is sheerer than I thought it would be, I'd say it has an almost peachy/beige tone to it mixed in with the rosy pink, a very nice natural looking every day shade . The other lipstick I got is called 'Nothing Unknown', described as "cool nude-beige base with an ash-mauve opalescence" I would say this is pretty much spot on although I would say the base is neutral rather than cool, I do like this shade but feel it would have been better without the opalescence. I got eye shadows (£22) in Solstice Halcyon,described as a mauve beige, I agree with Grace that this is more of a glowy medium taupe with a hint of mauve, and Gracious Arasari, this is described as "Semi-matte nude taupe, with the barest whisper of pink" I'd say this leans more to a beige than a taupe. Quality wise it is very good and I think in terms of price range, I would choose this brand over say Chantecaille, Sisley.
Just a note that Zuneta never sent a confirmation email.
Here are some pictures, eyeshadow on left is 'Gracious Arasari', right 'Solstice Halcyon'. Lipsticks top 'Nothing unknown', below is 'Irreverence'


  1. Irreverance looks pretty; I agree with you it has some nude mixed in with the rosy from this picture. Gracious Arasari looks like my kind of colour too; I'll be interested to know if you think it's different enough from the Solstice Halcyon to own both once you've had a try of them.

    I bought another couple of lipsticks and eyeshadows - will post pictures soon (which will probably be blurry and not as good as yours - would love to know how you get them so clear!)

    I'd email about the promo - mine were a 15ml cleansing cream (first order) and a 15ml hand cream (second order) so they weren't mind-blowing but worth having if you like Jurlique.


  2. I'll try them out more this weekend and give a more detailed review but I warn you that you may have to get Gracious Arasari.
    Will look forward to your post, I feel like we are the only ones buying this range :) not sure how it will do here being limited to one site and one shop.
    I just use a macro setting to make the pictures a bit sharper, glad you like !
    Oops maybe I did get the promo, was so small I thought it was just a sample, better take that bit out of my post................ :o

  3. LOL at the promo thing!

    I completely agree on confirmation emails - I hate the uncertainty when e-tailers don't send confirmation and mailing notices. I was worried that my last Illamasqua order had gone missing, but it turned out it had only just been mailed when I emailed to check. With a mailing notice I wouldn't have fretted.


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