Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Closer look at Illamasqua Sirens

Looking at the new Illamasqua catalogue I think some of the Sirens collection may have been incorporated into the main line up rather than being limited edition. As such I thought I'd post some more pictures of the items I picked up from the collection. I got two of the fat pencils in Perverse (sheer shimmery platinum) and Fickle (shimmery bronze) these have a really smooth texture and last well. As I'm very pale Perverse does not show as really noticeable on me so I think it maybe more suited to slightly darker skin than mine, Fickle on the other hand is really pigmented, I'm loving using this as a liner and in the crease. Both these pencils are not limited to eye area and I have used both on the lip area.

Soul sheer lip gloss I have already wrote about (slightly frosty peach champagne) this is a very easy to wear shade and Illamasqua lip glosses are pigmented and very long lasting without being really sticky ( I hate sticky lip glosses) . Liquid metal in Solstice has become somewhat of a cult product, I love using this as a liner, or just a light dab on the centre of lips, this is extremely pigmented, almost looks a bit like gold leaf but in a good way! a really rich golden metallic .It’s a very intense colour, and I did get a few looks when I wore it to work the other day, so for day wear use sparely :) . It has a non greasy texture and lasts very well.
Lament nail varnish, I have already mentioned (hot coral) I'm really loving this shade for summer, it definitely gets noticed as its rather bright.
I think whether your cool or warm toned you will find something in this collection as its quite a nice mix. Can't wait to see what they bring out for Fall.


  1. I love the look of Soltice but I've read it creases like crazy so I passed on it.

  2. Hi Pinksparkle84, I've not had it crease on me when I used it as a lid shade, but I applied it lightly and used it over Too Faced Shadow insurance base so that maybe why ? Still its not something I use much so I don't know that its a must have really. Thanks for your comment.


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