Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Finds of 2009 and a thanks to you all

I just want to say thank you to everyone who reads,follows,comments on my blog. I was initially hesitant to start one up but it has been a pleasure reading your comments and finding like minded people !

I thought I'd do a quick list of my beauty brand finds of 2009.
1.Rouge Bunny Rouge: I have immensed a rather large collection of RBR in a very short space of time. My stand outs are the eyeshadows and lipsticks ( I cannot pick out individual shades as I like too many). The eyeshadows are amazingly pigmented,creamy in texture and blend beautifully. The lipsticks are really comfortable on and have an amazing array of shades for those who like the more natural lip.

2. Le Metier De Beaute:Its only recently I found out we could get this in the UK ( both in store and online at . The more I use it the more I know this is going to be one of my major brands. It seems to be a very modern brand and manages to mix natural with the more bold. You can expect to see a lot more posts/reviews from me on this brand soon.

3.Illamasqua:Initially they seemed to have a quiet start and then they just seemed to explode and were the topic of conversation. They have achieved a great relationship with bloggers and youtubers, which created a sense of loyalty to the brand and I still think that this is a brand that people are quite passionate about in their views whether positive or negative.My favourites items have to be the brushes, light liquid foundation and eye shadows in shades, Spectre, Slink, Truth and Fiasco.

4.Hourglass:By comparison Hourglass have a rather small range, but they do have some real gems, my favourites are the eyeshadow duo in Prism and lipstick in Eternal (best deep cherry red I have ever seen).

I hope you all have a great Christmas xx


  1. Merry Christmas to you too. Here's to a fab 2010 filled with more beauty finds!

  2. Love the list from what I've seen but I haven't tried any! =/
    Have a lovely Christmas! XO

  3. Merry Christmas, my lovely! It's been a pleasure reading your posts, I assure you! I love your 2009 Finds list, might do something similar before the end of the year. Enjoy the festivities with your loved ones, a big hug to you and your lovely little son! xx

  4. Hi Helen,
    Hope you are enjoying the holidays :)

    Hello Marce,
    Hope you are having a lovely Christmas too.

    Thanks Anna, I'd love to see a similar list from you. Think my little one got a bit overwhelmed yesterday,he was sick three times as well, yeaahhhhh :)


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