Friday, 11 December 2009

Illamasqua Loose Powder, Eyeshadow in Wicked, and Vow Pencil.

I haven't bought from Illamasqua for a while after my initial flurry. I did an order for some more of their brushes ( which I'll do a separate post for) and the loose powder,eyeshadow in Wicked and medium eye pencil in Vow.
I got the loose powder in shade LP120, to match my foundation shade. I bought this powder primarily to use under the eyes to set my concealer as corn starch is a no no for my acne prone skin. Unfortunately the powder is significantly darker than my skin tone and seems quite warm. I don't feel like this is a match for the foundation shade so I think you may need to order a shade lighter in this. It did seem finely milled and was not cakey or really powdery on. Its simply too dark for me so I have given it to my Mum who is probably two shades darker than me. I've included a swatch of my foundation on the far right, loose powder is third swatch along (the difference is a lot more noticeable when applied to the face but I thought I'd show you anyhow).
The eyeshadow shade Wicked, whilst a pretty cool toned matte slightly lilac pink goes on rather more intense, so I really have to put this on lightly.
I had originally bought Hex medium pencil to use as a eye brightener but found it too dark and obvious looking. Vow on the other hand is a neutral cream and makes a great eye brightener (used on the waterline). It has a creamy texture, so no fear of tugging and it lasts really well ( swatch is far left).
So somewhat disappointing, not sure I fancy ordering the lighter shade in the powder as seems a bit costly to buy two in such quick succession but I may do in the future.


  1. Hi Shifa,

    I am really liking Vow. Thanks

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