Saturday, 5 December 2009

Hourglass lipstick in Eternal

I think this is a real must have, its not a shade I'd typically wear but this vibrant deep cherry is really pretty and is quite a high impact colour. Hourglass lipsticks are very long lasting and although not particularly creamy they are not dry either.
I got this from and it costs £18, they have recently updated their website and are offering cheaper delivery for those of you outside of the UK.


  1. Looks gorgeous! Right up my alley.

  2. Really lovely winter red - I love the look of this shade...

  3. Hi Lipstick Rules and Mizzworthy,
    I think you both would really suit this shade.I've been looking for this type of colour for a long time ! Thanks for visiting x

  4. That's beautiful. I have and love Icon, I think I might need this one too.

  5. I agree with Grace...I think I might NEED this lipstick! It's not really the kind of colour I usually go for, but it looks gorgeous swatched...might this be my first Hourglass purchase?? xx

  6. Hi Grace,
    You know you need it ! :)

    Hi Anna,
    I would recommend this one, like you its not a colour I would normally go for but it doesn't look bright or garnish on or overly dark,just a really pretty deep cherry x

  7. Goodness, I want this so so sooo badly now! Gorgeous swatch!

  8. Hi Sonia,
    I don't think they do this anymore as they have a new lip formula now, although that probably means you can pick this up cheap somewhere, which is always good :)


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