Friday, 17 September 2010

Guerlain Fall 2010: Place Vendome

Following on from my Rue de Sevres review, I also bought Place Vendome (£51). Again the palette is a mix of matte,satin and shimmer finishes. It contains a neutral off white/cream base shade, clay, taupe with golden shimmer, dark grey, Sapphire and a deep navy blue liner.
The colours are more distinctive, and I can certainly get more looks from this compared to Rue de Sevres.
Although the quality of the shadows of both of the palettes are not comparable to my favorite eye shadow brands, the liner in Place Vendome is noticeable more pigmented and smoother compared to the one in Rue de Sevres.
I think I got a bit caught up with the packaging and design of this collection and in actuality its the lip products I bought that I am most impressed with, but if you are looking to get one of the palettes I think Place Vendome is the most interesting one.


  1. I like the looks you have created with both the palettes, the colours look very flattering. Place Vendome is probably the one that interests me more, and I am looking forward to seeing this in store.

  2. I love the look you've done with this palette. It looks really beautiful. I shall look out for this one if they do end up on sale!

    Your eyelashes look great by the way. It looks like the Trish McEvoy treatment is definitely working.
    Jane x

  3. These do indeed look gorgeous on you Replica! I agree, they are much more interesting than Rue de Sevres. The combination of the taupe and sapphire really bring out the blue of your eyes...And Jane is totally right about your lashes :-)))

  4. Hi Meeta,
    Thanks :) I'll be interested to see if you end up picking anything up once you have seen it.

    Hello Jane,
    I do think you should pick it up if they have it in the sale, wonder what the discount will be! Glad you like the looks, although I always seem to do things the same way! The trish is definitely working, shame its a lot of ££ x

    Hello Nina,
    Thanks, I was tempted to put the sapphire all over but thought that might not go down to well at work! Regarding the Suqqu brow liner, I'm sure they have a shade listed as green, can't quite imagine that ? x

  5. This does look decidedly nicer than the other one in the pan, still not going to buy it though, I think (never say never!!). As usual your EOTD is gorgeous, have I said I envy your blending skills before??? Also your collection of valuable brushes ;))) Home again, will post tonight, finally!!! xxx

  6. Thanks Anna!
    I think its down to my brushes rather than any blending skills ;)
    Glad to hear your home again, how is he now ??

  7. He's ok now, hopefully it's not going to come back but it still might! He had PFAPA syndrome, if it does come back he'll have to have a tonsillectomy...*shudder*... xxx

  8. oh the poor little man, at least you know what it is now. you know thinking about it, I'm pretty sure my brother had to have his tonsils out when he was really young, so it does sound like they were quite similar; I really hope he continues to recover, take care xx

  9. I definitely like this one better, it can be used for a couple of different looks, a lot more versatile than the first, for sure!!!
    Seems like the winner between the two!


  10. Hi Tina,
    Yes I do like it a lot more, shame I didn't just get this one really, I think I went a bit over the top as I tend to when new collections come out :)

  11. I bought Champs Elysees palette some time ago. Everything was perfect about it. But I have problem with longevity of those eyeshadows. Without primer they last about hour and start creasing after couple of minutes. With primer (I tried Paint Pot, Bobbi Brown Cream Eyeshadow and UDPP) they start fading and creasing after 1,5h and disappear after 3h. I don't want to invest in all primers to try which one will help...

  12. Hi escritora,
    How disappointing :( I find Too Faced shadow insurance primer to be the best for making my shadows last.


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