Friday, 3 September 2010

Yves Saint Laurent: Fall Rouge Volupté Perle

The 6 Rouge Volupte Perle Lipsticks (£21 each) were released with the rock and baroque fall collection. They have a shimmery/micro glitter glossy finish to them. They feel quite moist and have a slightly slippery texture. They have a very strong fragrance.

I bought two shades, #101 Beige Caress (beige/peach with golden micro glitter) and #104 Stellar Pink (natural pink with subtle silver micro glitter).
They last quite well for a lipstick of this type and the colors and lush glossy finish are really pretty. Swatched below, #104 on left, #101 on right.
There is however one problem, my 104 is perfectly smooth, my 101 has a gritty texture, probably caused by the fact that the glitter in 101 is more prevalent. I can't understand such a discrepancy between two lipsticks that are the same formula, I don't know whether I have just been unlucky or if all the #101's are like this but it makes me reluctant to buy another shade (even though I could have happily bought all the shades) as it was only when I wore this rather than swatched it that I felt the grittiness. At any rate I do really like the shades, its just a shame about the texture of #101.


  1. I did notice a difference in every single shade! No 3 being smoothest then 4 & 5 being good and 6 being unspreadable but not glittery and 1 being sandpapery at times!!!

  2. They are really pretty colours. It's interesting that the feel of each lipstick is so different. It must depend on the glitter then used, how gritty it feels. I'm surprised they're not more consistent to be honest. I can only imagine how odd that feels to have a gritty texture in such an otherwise slippy formula! :s

  3. They are such pretty colours. I definitely need to check them out :)

  4. Those colours look so versatile! It is weird that they have a gritty feel as I thought these lippies were all about balmy moisture. What kind of scent do these have? :)

  5. Oooh, hello lovely 104! It's just torture not to be able to check any of these in person just new collections are yet available in Greece, but I did manage the new liquid eyeliners from MAC's Felines. I got the black one ('On the hunt') and on first application am quite impressed.
    Also, re lip primers, I purchased Kanebo Sensai's Lip Base SPF15 which comes in a stick form and loks very much like a balm. It gives the most amazingly soft lips, seems to ever so slightly plump them (no doubt because of the moisturising effect), lips feel comfortable for hours and lipsticks (as well as lip glosses) last better on me and stay true to colour for longer. Very happy with it!
    Have a lovely weekend...
    Nina x

  6. Those are both really pretty colors! I especially like #104 but they are both beautiful! Thats strange that the #101 has such a gritty texture, hopefully you will have better luck with them if you decide to buy more.

  7. Hi Tali,
    Glad its not just me then, thats really odd that they vary so much,glad to hear that 105 is a good one, I feel safe to get that one now as I did like the look of it :)

    Hi Jane,
    Its not a pleasant feeling, I wonder if they may alter them in the future, still I am looking forward to their new range of Pur Couture lipsticks ,seems to be online only at the moment x

    Hi Get Gawjus,
    The colours are lovely, just make sure you don't get #101 ;)

    Hi VampiressDoll,
    Its really fruity, bit like watermelon. It also lasts quite a bit, which maybe a good or bad thing depending on your preference.

    Hi Nina,
    You are going to have such a long list of things to check out when you get back!
    I got one of those liquid liners too, the grey one from the warmer collection, quite like it but I find it quite differcult to remove.
    That Kanebo sounds really good, I'll have a look if its on the harrods website x

    Hello A & C
    I think I'll go by Tali and just look at #103 and #105. Thanks for your comment :)

  8. Thanks so much for your comment in my blog!
    I love those ones, I really do! I have seen great swatches and read awesome reviews about YSL Rouge Volupte. I have to give them a go!


  9. The colors are definitely lovely. Great picks. I had to pass on all of them because of the strong fragrance.

  10. Oh, I have been trying to avoid these but gosh they do look pretty!

    I have one of the other ones (non-shimmery) and the texture is almost too soft- do you think these are any better?

    What other shades were catching your eye, btw??


  11. Hi Catanya,
    They are worth a look, although I am really looking forward to their new line of lipsticks called Pur Couture.

    Hi Kristie,
    I don't know why they had to make it so strong, seems silly given that a strong scent seems to be a negative to the majority of people.

    Hi Jv,
    I found the one Rouge Volupte I had a bit too creamy/soft too, these feel a lot lighter on so might be more suitable for you. I really liked the look of #105 a rosey colour if I remeber correctly, #102 looked really nice, sheer coral although probably a bit too warm for me.

  12. I am glad I am not the only one. I thought I got a bad one too. I am in love with #101 it is like my holy grail color but it is so gritty and chunky. I really hope they address that issue because it is such ashame because the color is beyond AMAZING on me!

  13. Hi Casandra,
    Its typical isn't it that you find a great colour and there has to be a negative! I even took some of mine off just to check if the grittiness was just on top, but no.


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