Friday, 10 September 2010

MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme and a tiny bit of Fabulous Feline

MAC's newest lip formula is the pro long wear lipcreme. It feels Lightweight and initially very creamy, however it soon sets and although I wouldn't say it feels drying it does not feel hydrating. It also has a tacky finish, this feeling does dissipate after a while but I don't think its pleasant. In terms of wear, for me I'd say its 5 hours max, which is very good.
I bought the shade Till Tomorrow (£14.50), which is a cool toned mix of brown/rose/mauve, the finish seems to be semi-matte. Whilst I do like this shade, the feel of the lipstick is enough to put me off buying another one.
From the fabulous Felines, I picked up the Burmese beauty eye shadow palette £29.50. This contains a sheer peach/beige, old frosted gold, brown with duochrome green shimmer (much more noticeable in the pan then when applied), cool toned matte deep brown. The colours work really well together and overall the pigmentation and blendability is a lot better than other MAC palettes I've had in the past.
The only other item I got was a Superslick liquid eye liner. I choose marked for glamour (dark grey) £14.50. Its long wearing and does not smudge, and the colour is very pigmented. However, because its very watery I find that when I draw a line its prone to migrate out before it dries, so I end up with a thicker line. My other gripe is that I find this really difficult to remove, it flacks off in bits so takes a lot longer, its a far cry from my RBR one's which I can take off with ease.
Liner swatched far right:
I also bought the new Pro longwear foundation and concealer which I will tell you about soon.


  1. Hello!
    The Prolong Wear collection came out here today but I have not had the time to have a look at it in person. However, the texture of the lopstick puts me off!
    The eye liner looks quite decent, though,
    XOXO Catanya

  2. I really liked the look of the Prolong Wear lipcremes - Sweet Ever After is one I think I'll have to get soon.
    I got the green Superslick liner and Drive me Wild lipstick. I wasn't really taken by anything else. I agree about the flaking thing on the liner but I much prefer these over the liquidlasts as these flow easily and do not get gloopy.

  3. This collection seems to have completely passed me by! The lipstick shade looks very nice but I'm not overly taken with the sound of the finish. I have Illamasqua Test which is a similar colour and I tend to pull that out and add gloss if I'm after long wearing.

    The palette looks nice. Of course now that you've mentioned the RBR eyeliner, I'm reminded that I wanted to get one. Time to start saving the pennies...
    Jane x

  4. Hi Catanya,
    yes, I'd say to skipped the lipsticks, I do like the new foundation and concealer though, will have to review them soon.

    Hi Meeta,
    I was tempted by a few of the other colours of liquid liner. I lose track with all these MAC collections, I can't even think whats coming out in October ?

    Hi Jane,
    I do think you would like the RBR liner, wish they would come out with more shades really, on another note I'm really looking forward to the new Hourglass lipsticks coming out, think they will be something special x

  5. Me too, on the Hourglass lipsticks. They're out on the 17th aren't they? I might have had something from that collection to test, whoops, did I say that?! Not a lipstick but all will be revealed on Zuneta soon ;)
    JAne x

  6. ooooooooooooooh, do you have the new mascara ?? I want that, will look forward to your posts :)

  7. Hello, my fair lady:)
    following your colourful blog i have to say i'm looking forward to some good concealer news.
    i actually tested the texture of the pro longwear at the shop and it appeared opaque and not sticky, but i'm not a big mac foundation fan and i decided not to buy without trying on the undereye area first.

    i'm currently using the bobbi brown corrector, which amazingly absolutely neutralises my heavy undereye dicolouration leaving a very nice,fresh pink tone, but it seems to set into the thin wrinkles and won't last very well, unless sealed with powder. This, however, i haven't managed to do without the corrector caking. Of course the product is meant to work with a yellow toned concealer on top, but due to texture it won't combine with my diorskin nude. What's more, i feel the bobbi brown concealer on top of the corrector may provide excellent coverage but with a very heavy made up result.

    Lots of unnecessary details i've put down,
    i'm sorry about this,
    i feel i might be having some excuse, still in seek of the ideal undereye concealer.

    take care,

  8. I recently bought the same eyeshadow palette from MAC; I love it, especially the darker tone. I expect to see more blue tone the eggplant tone was a surprise.

  9. Hello Areth,
    I didn't get on with the bobbi brown corrector either, make me look like I had more lines that I do and didn't last. I'll try and post my review on Wednesday but I really like the pro longwear concealer for undereyes, although it doesn't erase my darkness completely, the texture it really good and I find it lasts well even without setting with a powder, I'll try and do some before and after pics x

    Hi Yun,
    It is a really nice palette isn't it, I'm surprised I like it so much as I don't tend to have many successes with MAC ;)


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