Friday, 4 November 2011

Rare Elements Pure Shampoo & Essential Conditioner

Rare Elements is a luxury range of natural haircare products. They do not contain sulphates, parabens or silicones. Its a simplified range of a pre treatment, shampoo and conditioner.
I've not had the best success with the more natural ranges, I often find they weigh my hair down and make it look lank. The range however did intrigue me and Grace's review tipped me over the edge.

The shampoo (£25) has a lotion consistency, it spreads well through the hair, foams adequately and rinses out well. The conditioner (£30) has a rich cream consistency, its so concentrated you only need a tiny bit.
The results of these products is that they give my hair a bounce, my hair looks more vibrant and less frizzy and I do not get the lank look.

Another very important benefit to me is that these do not break me out ( the majority of haircare I try gives my break outs/rashes along my hair line and sides of face where my hair rests against).

Whilst the conditioner will be a definite re-buy, I can see that the shampoo will work out quite expensive for me in the long run as I wash my hair everyday but I think I'll likely re-buy due to the results.
I'd recommend the shampoo for all hair types but I think the conditioner is best suited to those with dry hair.

( also list the full ingredients)

I bought these from, they have very quick delivery and I have always had samples put in with my orders so I think they are definitely a site worth bookmarking.


  1. It sounds like the range worked peefectly for you! I'm always on the lookout for haircare that will sort out my unruly mane. This sound good =)

  2. These do sound promising, and I am glad to hear that they rinse well. I have a few natural shampoos to use up but I am wondering which one to try next - I am looking forward to seeing how the Rahua Volumising one is when that is released.

    To get round the lank feeling I have been using a natural shampoo on my scalp and then a sulfate one on my lengths as I missed that light, silky feel. Haven't kicked the sulfate habit for hair yet!

  3. I haven't heard of this brand, but I do love the packaging, and the products sound amazing! :) Only downside is the price!

  4. Hi Nazia,
    I am really glad I tried the brand, I also noticed that my hair seems to not react as badly with humidity like it normally does :)

    Hi Meeta,
    It is difficult moving away from the sulphates, this is really good though, it doesn't feel like its really a sulphate free one if you get what I mean.
    I was wondering about the Rahua Volumising one as well, might be an interesting one to try at some point, I keep meaning to try their finishing cream :)

    Hi Vintage Makeup,
    I do wonder if its quite a new brand, I've since done searches for it and it does seem to be getting very good reviews across the board :)


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