Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Laura Mercier Petite Eye Colour Trio Smoky Mauves

So the season begins, enticing little holiday sets start to appear at the counters and there is no point in trying to resist....
So here we have the Smoky Mauves Petite Eye Colour Trio (£20), one of 3 trios launched for the Laura Mercier holiday collection.
Smoky Mauves contains sparkling dew (slightly shimmered pinked cream), wisteria (slightly shimmered warmed mauve with a hint of brown) and kir royal (deep plum with subtle micro glitter).
The pigment is good and they feel smooth (although Kir royal is slightly less smooth), I do have to wear an eye base with these.
Its called Smoky Mauves and that's exactly what you get. Nothing astounding here but if you don't have similar shades this is a nice concise palette.

To show you the size, here it is against a MAC 4 pan

Sorry for the poor quality eye look picture but I had to take this with a flash whilst in a rush and this was the best of a bad bunch
One of the LM holiday offerings that really did catch my eye (I was scuppered as they didn't have it in stock yet) was the eye pencil set, really good value at £31 for 5 full sized Kohls so I'll try and pick one up.

I bought this from John Lewis.


  1. Ive never tried any 'real' makeup from the brand (only foundation, which I don't consider real makeup apparently).

  2. The look you did is fab! You do some of the best looks :)

  3. I only have one baked eyeshadow from Laura Mercier, and it is reall nice. Thank you for sharing this tho :)

  4. I bought the eye kohl set yesterday - really good value, and I had £5 on on NDulge card too, which made it even better. I said I wanted to try Brown Copper ;) Those are very pretty shadows. I keep meaning to explore Laura Mercier more.

  5. Hi Alicia,
    LM do seem to be known more for their base products rather than the colour items, the brand can be a bit hit or miss for me really :)

    Hi Vintage Makeup,
    Thank you, thats so kind of you to say :)

    Hi katherine,
    They have a baked eyeshadow palette with the collection that looked quite nice :)

    Hi Grace,
    Well it would have been wrong not to get it with the points just waiting there to be used ;) I had brown copper ages ago and really liked it, you make me wonder what happened to it ;) x

  6. That is a really pretty trip of colours. Did you end up ordering the pencils online?
    Jane x

  7. Hi Jane,
    I have to put the order on the backburner for now as I bought more makeup than I intended to today, I was a bit like, I'll have that and that and that and then wham the moneys gone! xx


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