Sunday, 30 October 2011

Trish McEvoy: Chic and Sheer Collection

The fall chic and sheer collection provides an extremely wearable, polished look. There are no harsh colours here or anything that will look ageing, instead the products are able to give gentle definition; effortless and perfect for everyday.
The two eyeshadows are French Vanilla (Deluxe size £18) which is a slightly warm toned vanilla and Soft Grey (£12) true medium grey.
Both of the shadows have a matte formula. The texture is really smooth, applies evenly with good pigment and blends with ease.

The collection also includes the Brush 62 Fan (£28), its flat, with an arched shape.
It feels lightweight and gently against the skin. I think this brush is genius, it applies a light dusting of product, never over done, its also great for precision cheekbone highlighting and for applying a whisper of powder to set my under eye concealer.

For size comparison here is the brush against the medium compact
The Bronzer in Golden (£22) is limited edition. Its very smooth, has good pigment and applies really well.
As I am very pale there are very few bronzers I can wear so I was surprised this worked for me. I think application with the fan brush helped as it applies a sheer veil of colour. The shade is a medium gently shimmered bronze with a golden glow. It doesn't go on with any red or orange tones like a lot of bronzers do. It works to give definition and a healthy natural glow, I also really like it applied to the eyes in the crease.

Swatches below: French Vanilla, Soft Grey, Golden Bronzer, Golden Bronzer blended in.

The light wasn't so good today so I'll try and get some eye look pictures up for you soon.

The collection also includes a SPF 15 lipstick in shade Mulberry, a Beauty Booster SPF 15 Lip Gloss and a Beauty Booster SPF 15 Lip Balm. I really want to get the Mulberry lipstick, its not currently on the Selfridges website to buy separately so I'll keep my eye out for it, of course while perusing the website I had to console myself and buy a few other Trish McEvoy goodies instead so I'll be showing you those soon.

Trish McEvoy are available online from

Disclosure: I was sent these items for free.


  1. Hope you can get your hands on the lipstick! The bronzer sounds really nice, it looks quite dark, but it's great that it works well on lighter skin.

    I love that everything is more natural & polished. :)

  2. Is the brush thick or thin? I am looking for a fan brush but I haven't really seen anything that caught my eyes
    Thanks for sharing this collection:)

  3. You have reminded me that I never got any further with my Trish McEvoy mission. I think the Mulberry lipstick sounds really interesting. I like the look of that fan brush too x

  4. Love the fan brush and the bronzer!

  5. I have never considered TMcE products - there is something a bit "executive woman" about them for me, and I feel I am far too prone to come out of the Ladies with my skirt tucked into my knickers to be part of that club. However I do like the colours in the eyeshadow palette very much. Thanks for this. x

  6. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    I'll be stalking the webiste to see if the lipstick comes up :) Yes the bronzer is quite dark in the pan, I think the fan brush does the magic in making it wearable for me :)

    Hi Katherine,
    Its thin, bit less than 1cm in thickness. A lot of the fan brushes I see are really big, this has a more consise brush and I think thats why it works for a variety of things :)

    Hi Jane,
    It has made me want to try more of their brushes, I was eyeing up the £180 kit, although might have to save for that one! The more I looked at the site the more I want, I really wish selfridges had better postage costs! xx

    Hi Sherry,
    They are lovely, I am so pleased I got to try them :)

    Hi Jan,
    LOL, well thats a visual ;)
    I think there is quite a lot from the line you'd like, they have a nice little eye palette called beauty emergency card which has lots of neutrals in it x


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