Sunday, 23 October 2011

Guerlain Ombre Eclat 4 Shade Eyeshadow Les Perles

Unlike the other Guerlain 4 pan palettes which contain a mixture of finishes, the shades of Les Perles (£37) are all of a similar gentle shimmer finish.
The palette contains a light baby pink, white, silver and a smoky grape.
I had a bit of hesitation when I initially saw this at the counter as I thought it would go on overly frosty and the three lighter colours would just be too light so that they looked stark.
I have been proved wrong, instead of a frost I would say the look is shimmery and luminous and the silver and grape have enough colour to give definition.

I think this is a beautiful palette and Guerlain are really up there for me in terms of eye shadows; smooth, good pigment and they just blend so well I really don't have to work with them at all to get the look I want.

I bought this from Debenhams


  1. i think this is a really nice palette and can be so useful!!!

    PS:nice blog by the way-new follower here!!!


  2. Hi Maria,
    Thanks :) It is a lovely palette, I was surprised how much I like it as I did worry it would be frost city :)

  3. Those look so very gorgeous on you! Impeccable and envy-worthy blending as always :).
    I just bought Les Cuirs (browns) from the collection and am really liking it. The texture and luminosity of these powders are quite fabulous.
    Nina x

  4. Very pretty! Thanks for the swatches x

  5. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    Its so easy to get enticed by Guerlain :)

    Hi Nina,
    Thank you, you do say the nicest things ;) I still feel tempted by Les Curis but I think there was one shade that looked really warm. Like you say these are quite fabulous, Guerlain seem a much more popular brand than they were say 5 years ago x

    Hi Jane,
    I was trying to think if you had picked one of these palettes up yet as I think they have quite a few that would work well with your colourings x

  6. This looks lovely on you! I really like these Guerlain palettes and this is one of the first that caught my eye :)

  7. Hi Makeup Magpie,
    Thank you :) I bought the roses one at the same time so I'll get a review up on that one soon, I've got a bit of a thing for these palettes :)


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