Sunday, 2 October 2011

Suqqu Fall 2011: Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist

I felt a sense of glee when I spotted the Suqqu fall collection on the Selfridges website, however I must have not been the only one who has been eagerly awaiting their colour collection to start to appear online as the two limited edition products I wanted sold out in a few days (note to self move more quickly in future!).
I did get two of the three lipsticks from the collection and one of the eye palettes which I will review later.

The three Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist (£27 each) are limited edition shades as far as I have read. I got shade EX-01 Sangoiro (sheer coral pink) and EX-02 Himehagicha (rose pink) the other shade on offer is EX-03 Usubeni (which looks like a sheer red)
True to their name the finish of these lipsticks is that of a glow, rather than shimmer. They feel very moisturising, creamy and balm like. A slightly heavy feel and with average wear.
Swatches L-R:EX-01 Sangoiro, EX-02 Himehagicha

Both colours are extremely elegant and flattering and I think suitable for both cool or warm tones. I think these will be a good formula for the winter months when you need that extra comfort.

I bought these from


  1. Oh, they look so elegant. Very 'Office Lady'! The word moist gets me though. I'm not 100% sure that I would like them if the have a heavy balm feel but I like both of these colours. Thank you for the review.
    Jane x

  2. I did like the feel of these when I tested them, they have some lovely, flattering colours. I haven't bought any Suqqu in ages but I am getting back into the brand and did get a couple of their other, soon to be discontinued lipsticks which I am loving.

  3. Gorgeous colors. I have never tried any SUQQU products but they seem very chic.

  4. I keep hearing so many good things about Suqqu, I must try this brand!

  5. What a lovely fresh colour EX-01 is! I haven't tried any of these new, reformulated l/s. Most of mine are the old glossy formula that came in the thin stylo-like packaging, and I really loved them.
    Can't wait to see which eye shadows you got...
    Nina x

  6. Don't those look beautiful, especially EX-02 Himehagicha.

  7. I have yet to try any Suqqu but have heard good things about their brushes. These lipsticks look lovely! :)

  8. Oh god my heart skipped a few beats when I saw this post! Thank you so much for the review and I am extremely jealous :p

  9. Hi Jane,
    Yes, moist never sounds good! They aren't heavy in a bad way, just in a balm way if you know what I mean, I think you would really like EX-02 x

    Hi Meeta,
    I did have 2 other lipsticks by them but used them up, so they must be good ;) I'm hoping that Selfridges add some more items onto their site, as like you say I think their colour range is very flattering :)

    Hi productdoctor,
    From what I have bought from them I would recommend, always good to add another high end brand to your arsenal ;)

    Hi Red lips, Black hair,
    I keep hearing how great their brushes are, they are very expensive though, so think I'll have to start with just one :)

    Hi Nina,
    See now I thought you would have made a bolt for this collection, the face palette and limited edition eye palette and all lipsticks I think would be Nina shades ;) x

    Hi Zuzu's Petals,
    Actually thinking about the shades you like I think you would really like Ex-02, do you have the brand near you?

    Hi Makeup Magpie,
    I am sure you'd find a lot to like from them, the colours seem very wearable x

    Hi Rei,
    I'm jealous of your impressive Suqqu collection! :) It is one of those brands you buy some of and then think..I want more ;)

  10. What stunning shades! I actually had a nude shade from the line and used it down to the nubs. I loved the formula and wear. This is a gorgeous line that's totally worth the hype. xx

  11. Hi Jeanie,
    It is a lovely line, although I think it would do better if it was more accessible as there seems to be lots of people wanting to try it but can't get hold of it.
    These lipsticks are lovely, maybe I'll wear them doen to the nubs too ;) xx


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