Friday, 21 October 2011

Suqqu fall 2011: Komorebi eye look

I have really been enjoying the gentle soft shimmered look of the Komorebi palette, I tend to use the colours mixed together like below,
or slightly more graduated,
Hopefully you can see the colours, sunlight is fleeting and these were the most realistic I could get.

I bought the palette from, my original review is here


  1. WOW both looks are amazing. You are totally a poster girl for SUQQU :-)

  2. Gorgeous eye look. The shadows have taken on a beautiful, almost iridescent quality, it seems. I love iridescence! Lovely. xx

  3. gorgeous eye makeup! i really like how the colors blend together. AH~ another lemming added to the list! :P

  4. Beautiful! I love how the Suqqu shades layer -- far better than LMdB's without making a big hue and cry about it...

  5. I love how it looks with the colours blended together. Thank you for sharing! xx

  6. Gorgeous! Both look amazing against your blue eyes :-)

  7. Hi Ana Marta,
    LOL, I wish ;) So glad you like the looks :)

    Hi Nazia,
    Thanks :) Your spot on, it does give a iridescent look, the colours combine quite different to what I was expecting them to going on how they look in the pan.

    Hi Georgina,
    Thank you :) I know what you mean, I am forever adding an item to my wish list after looking at blogs :)

    Hi Kate,
    Thank you, I really like how lightweight the shades are and the colours pair so well, have to say that I am a fan of LMdB though ;)

    Hi Jane,
    Thank you, I know you weren't too sure about these colours on you from my original post but I can see them really working for you xx

    Hi Rei,
    Thank you so much, I'm always in awe of your beautiful eye looks so I'll take that as a big compliment :)

  8. This makes your eyes look even more gorgeous! I love it :)

  9. I love it. What a perfect, everyday look.

  10. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    Thank you, what a lovely thing to say :)

    Hello Zuzu's Petals,
    Thank you so much :)

  11. These colours are gorgeous on your eyes, and I love the silky sheen.

  12. Hi Jen,
    Thank you :) Suqqu really have a nice finish to their shadows.


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