Friday, 14 October 2011

Stila Natural Beauty Palette, Brighten & Correct concealer, Lip Gloss trio

After my somewhat mixed bag of success with my last Stila buys, I still couldn't resist picking up some of the newer items on display.
The Natural Beauty Eye Shadow Palette (£19.50) took centre stage on the Fall/New products display. Once home I googled it and apparently it is not a new product at all but part of the 2010 Autumn collection, this doesn't sit well for me as I don't want to be thinking I am buying something that is new/on trend when its actually an old release.
It contains 13 small eyeshadows. Predominately neutrals with an orange thrown in, it mixes mattes and shimmers.
Whilst some of the shadows are lacking in pigment and a bit dry, the formula is definitely better compare to that in the travel palettes. The shades are very wearable and you can really get a lot of looks from this.
Overall, for the price, I think this is a really versatile and useful palette to have. One gripe I do have is that the packaging is rather flimsy, I don't know how well the plastic see through lid will hold up so I keep my stored separately so that nothing is against it.

I also bought the new brighten & correct concealer (£18).
It features the same swirl appearance of some of their foundation/primers. Whilst this is advertised more for under the eyes, I really like this mixed in with my foundation. It gives another notch of concealment and a subtle brightening/illuminating effect. It feels lightweight, non drying and is quite buildable without going cakey.
Its a good colour match (I have this in the lightest shade called fair). Swatched below L-R: Touche Eclat shade 2, Stila Fair, Diorskin Nude 001 ivory

I really like this and will be buying another when I have used this up.

Finally I got the cool lip gloss trio (£10).
I'm not a fan of sticky, tacky glosses (which these are) but I have always really liked the colours, high shine and long wear of the lip glazes and for this great price I thought it would do not harm to add these to my collection.
The trio consists of Grapefruit (cool pink with a touch of brightness), Seashell (pinky beige), Raisin (rosy plum). All contain a bit of shimmer and are scented.
Swatches L-R: Grapefruit, Raisin, Seashell.


I bought all these from Boots


  1. I really like the look of the concealer. The lipgloss set really is a nice trio of colours too. I saw a pretty palette that Stila are bring out with their Holiday collection. I wonder if we'll get that here? I don't really love the idea of getting items a year behind release.

  2. I really want to try that concealer! It looks very interesting. :) I was also curious about that palette, I have the larger, more colorful version & I love it! Stila shadows do vary a lot. As for the lip glazes I'm not a fan.

  3. Ooh, I love the lipglaze set, and nicely priced too. I think Stila is one of the only brands I will excuse for sticky glosses!

  4. Hi Jane,
    Is that the round palettes, one eyeshadows and one blush and eyeshadows for the Holidays? I'm sure a site already has them, Beautybay I think. I think it worth you having a look at the concealer, although this shade might be too pale for you, one to test in person if you can, I was surprised how much I like it xx

    Hi Vintage Makeup,
    I have to say I was drawn in by how the concealer looks in the tube, so I am glad it turns out to be a really good product :) I think you are spot on as they do seem to have a lot of variant with their shadow formula.

    Hi Meeta,
    Yes, it was too hard to resist, I keep hoping Boots do a 3 for 2 on Stila but perhaps I am being a bit hopeful ;)

  5. Yes, it was the round one. I shall have a look on Beautybay. I will have a look at the concealer next time I'm in Boots.

    I seem to think you asked me about the Soap & Glory cosmetics, I just can't find which post. My memory is not what it was! I was just having a look at some of the items. I don't think I'll be picking any up to be honest. I'm not a fan of the line and didn't really spot anything I like the look of. I'll be very interested to hear your thoughts if you go for it.
    Jane x

  6. Hi Jane,
    I'm not a fan of the Soap & Glory bath etc range and I'm not keen on the makeup packaging at all and yet I felt compelled to swatch it and I did think the eyeshadows felt quite smooth and the concealer quite pigmented, I'd like to think I have some resolve yet I always seem to have the mind set that if its drugstore makeup it does no harm if i pick up a few things here and there even if they don't work out. I got some terrible stuff on that Christmas 3 for 2 thing (including those Fearne palettes, what was I thinking) that 3 for 2 always messes with my head! xx


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