Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Going Gluten free: The Beginning

I happened upon a article on the paiskincare blog talking about gluten and it sparked something off.
Although I know people who are gluten intolerant I assumed the symptoms were just of a digestive nature. The blog mentions that skin symptoms could be things like "redness, dryness, itching and rashes". After reading this I started doing some searches and a lot of people link a direct correlation to gluten in their diet to ill effects on their skin. A lot of the skin symptoms seem close to what I get, especially unexplained sensitivities.
Given that the skin cycle is meant to be 28 days I have decided to go gluten free for at least a month to see what, if any benefit it brings me.
So this is where it begins.
One thing I can say is that cutting out gluten in your diet is expensive, not only do the items cost that bit extra but I have made a lot of bad buys ( I have tried 5 different brands of bread in the run up to this test and all have been terrible).
From doing my searches quite a lot of people seemed to find a benefit with changing their skincare to gluten free as well so I followed suit and have changed completely over to the Pai range.
I have read a lot of positives from going gluten free; feeling more healthy, less tired, clearer skin and losing weight. I'll be back in about a months time to let you know how it goes.

All the items in the photos I bought myself.


  1. Can't wait to hear your results from the change. It's really interesting how food can make a huge difference to our skin.

  2. I am so looking forward to seeing how you get on!

    I know what you mean about it being costly - I know I've spent more on alternatives. I'm currently cutting out yeast and it is more difficult that I first anticipated as it's in things I would never had imagined. I miss 'normal' bread even though I've gotten used to the rye variants.

    I love the Nakd bars, my favourite is the cocoa mint!

  3. Good luck and keep us posted on the results :-)

  4. Look forward to seeing your progress! Good luck :)

  5. Good for you! I can't wait to hear how it goes. I've contemplated trying to go gluten free as well. I know my body thrives on being dairy free but I slipped on that after I stopped breastfeeding my sun. I know for my health I need to give it up again. Maybe I'll just be gung ho and give up both! LOL

  6. Umm I obviously meant son not sun LOL

  7. Good luck! My son has coeliac disease, so is completely gluten-free, so I know it's expensive! Try Genius bread - available from Sainsburys and Waitrose. It's the best of a bad job :)

  8. Hi Kristie,
    I'm hoping something good will come of it, shame I can't make myself cut out the chocolate though ;)

    Hi Meeta,
    I'll make sure to check out the cocoa mint :) Have you not had yeast for a while and if so have you felt/noticed any improvements?

    Hi Ana Marta,
    Thank you, I'll make sure to do an update post :)

    Hi Vintage Makeup,
    Thanks you! Lets hope it does some good :)

    Hi PerilouslyPale,
    I went daily free before to see if that helped with my acne and nothing, I really didn't get on with the milk alternatives, I think it was made from rice, not sure I could go back there ;) It is hard giving up the things we like, I have already starting staring with envy at people eating their sandwiches at work!

    Hi too_busy_to_stitch,
    Thank you. It must be so difficult for your boy, I really hadn't realised how many things Gluten was in, makes going out to eat almost impossible. Thank you for the rec, I have written that brand down and will seek it out this weekend as I think it might be my last hope ;)

  9. Hi Replica
    It's been 2 weeks since I cut it out and I have noticed positive improvements although yeast is one of a few things I've changed. I will get into more depth in an upcoming post.

  10. Hi Replica
    Me again. I just remembered I came across a website that specialises in gluten free recipe ideas that I quite like looking at for reference/inspiration:

    Meeta x

  11. Those Eat Natural bars are delicious! Good luck with your new regimen, I'm looking forward to reading about your results. I find that what I eat has a big impact on the way my skin looks. I cut the amount of dairy and I try not to go overboard with white bread and pasta but it's quite hard. Also I take Omega 3 supplements and I got a humidifier last year. I think proper skincare products are only part of the solution, unfortunately. x

  12. Hi Meeta,
    I'll look forward to your post, thats really good you are seeing some effects, I'm not seeing/feeling anything of an improvement as yet. Thank you so much for that link, really useful as making interesting meals has been somewhat of a struggle :)

    Hi Klara,
    Thanks, the bars are really nice, although the gluten free bars seem to be the most expensive. I really think I should cut down on my sugar intake really but I can't seem to do that one as I always succumb, sometimes its not much fun trying to be good and healthy ;) x


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