Sunday, 1 September 2013

CHANEL Superstition Fall 2013: Rouge Coco Shine in Secret

I picked up just one of the lipsticks from the six on offer from the Fall Superstition Collection. I avoided the Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Colours as I find them heavier and drying compared to the original formula and the two Rouge Coco Hydrating Lip Colours looked very warm. I homed in on the original Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Lip shines.

The pale pink shade Instinct seemed very sheer so I went for Secret (£24). Its still sheer but provides a pale peachy/pink with a shiny finish and a hint of shimmer. This shade works being sheer as any more pigment and I think it would have looked overly pale and leaned towards looking frosty.

The merits of the formula is the comfortable, lightweight feel and flattering range of shades, the disadvantages however are a very short wear time and they can highlight dry patches, with the lighter shades, such as Secret, accentuating lip lines. Further to this I have to now add that I have found this formula turns after a year, that is to say that I notice a change in smell, stronger, somewhat unpleasant. As such I have cut down dramatically on buying these.

Whilst I do have a weakness for Chanel and still can't let a collection go past without buying at least one thing, I must concede that there are better sheer lipsticks on the market and I think you'd be safe to give this one a miss.

I bought this from Boots


  1. What are some of your favorite sheer lipsticks?

    I am looking for that perfect combination of color and hydration. Not too much to ask, is it?

    Thanks for any and all suggestions.

    1. Hi Sunnlitt,
      My favorite sheer lipsticks are Burberry lip Mists, Rouge Bunny Rouge sheer lipstick, Tom Ford lip colour shines and Suqqu creamy glow lipstick moist :)

  2. Hey Clare, I totally understand the statement of having a weakness for Chanel. Me too. This is a lovely looking lippie, perfect for you. I have been holding of buying new lipsticks for a while. I want to get my hands on the GA Rouge Ecstasy but my counter has been really slow and getting them.

    1. Hi Jacqueine,
      I've been wondering about a GA Rouge Ecstasy but can't decide which shades to get based on swatches I have seen so far, so that will be good for me if you do end up getting some ;)


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