Sunday, 22 March 2015

BareMinerals Modern Pop Spring 2015

I don't really consider BareMinerals a "me" type of cosmetic brand, nonetheless I feel victim to the cute polka dot design of the limited edition Modern Pop collection.

The collection takes inspiration from the Sixties with a fluttery lash and nude lip. First up I bought READY Eyeshadow 4.0 The Modern Icon (£29).

The palette contains a satin cream with hint of pink, satin peach, semi-matte mauve and a matte deep taupe. All shades have good colour payoff, with a soft smooth texture that blends well (though the deepest shade is not creamy like the others).

The combination of the peach with smokiness works really well, a lovely composition to bring us into the Spring season without going too light and pastel.

If I had one gripe about this (which you know I do) its that the shades look a tad dry on, now I do have dry lids to begin with and they were not to the extent of looking crepey but nonetheless I do notice it.

Of the three Marvelous Moxie lipsticks I bought the lightest shade, Dream Big (£18). Its a nude peach that gives a subtle touch of warmth and surprisingly does not wash me out.

Whilst I like this shade I am not liking how it applies. Its quite clingy and shows up dryness and lip lines. As much as I like the shade I want a lipstick I can just throw on rather than having to faff about prepping the lips first.

Certainly not total fails by any means but there is something to be said about sticking to your tried and tested brands.

I bought these from Debenhams


  1. Hi dear Clare! What a shame for the lipstick! I would suggest you the Clarins Jolu Rouge collection which is, i think, what you are looking for, nice colors hydrating and quite resistant?
    Have a relaxing sunday

    1. Of course without preparing your lips before the application of the lipstick!

    2. That does sound like what I am after, thanks for the recommendation Marghe I will check those out :)

  2. I do love the soft peach eyeshadow color and the corresponding lipstick. It is a shame they don't apply as they should.
    I feel somewhat the same about the brand myself. So far their loose blush is the only thing I really liked.

    1. Yes, the peach is a nice pop of colour, but these don't quite hit the mark for me. I'm not sure I've tried their loose blushers before, like the idea of them though I'd probably get it everywhere :)

  3. Some really beautiful soft colors looks great on blondes. make-up looks amazing! i will have to try some of this stuff!

    1. The colours are very pretty, very wearable and great for spring :)


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