Sunday, 29 March 2015

SUQQU Balancing Cheeks: Mizuhanamoya 04

This Spring we see the launch of two new blushers from Suqqu. Part of the Chiffon collection, they have been added to the permanent line.

Blushers are often difficult for me, I'm not blessed with good skin so they often look patchy and can highlight my redness, however Suqqu blushers are a really beautiful thing and are amongst my favourites. They have a really lightweight texture, smooth in feel and apply impeccably on the skin, one of the few blushers that need no blending.

Mizuhanamoya  #04 (£38) contains two shades of pink, one a cooler toned satin finish and the other deeper in tone with a warm gentle glow finish. Both shades are softly pigmented and last all day on me. The finish looks natural, yet impacts a healthy sheen.
Swatched below the left then right side then both combined:

The other blusher released, Yawakohaku #03, contains an orange tone, though I initially thought I wouldn't need it, after seeing how beautifully the shades combined in this post here by the lovely Bellyhead I will have to purchase it as well.
Overall this is a first class blusher which is a pleasure to use. Whilst the colour doesn't necessarily scream unique its the application and finish that makes this top notch. Its worth mentioning that the accompanying brush is a very good quality, unlike a lot of the throw away brushes that many brands supply with their products.


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  1. Hey Clare, I can see why you like this so much! I've had very fair people telling me blushes look dirty on them easily, particularly the warmer ones. I've heard a lot of great things about Suqqu. I haven't bought any so far because I only have access to the brand online. When I do, I'll probably start with their brow products tho!

    1. Their brow products do get a lot of love, I've been tempted but they might be a tad to dark for me but I think you'd get a good match.

  2. Hi dear Clare! How are you? In these days I am back home in Italy so I have a lot of things to order in my mind but all its ok..
    I really like these two blushes especially the right side! The quality seem also very high as you said!
    Have a serene day and Easter with your family.

    1. Tired but otherwise fine, bet there are lots of nice things to buy in Italy :)
      It really is a lovely blush formula.
      Have a lovely Easter as well :)

  3. pinks are a hit and miss situation for me but this looks gorgeous! The perfect balance of warmth! I really need to get my hands on some Suqqu products... I wonder if I'll have any luck in Ireland!

    1. Suqqu is not that easy to get but its worth it, I think you would find a lot to like from the range, I'm not sure you can get it in Ireland, I always order it online and have lucked out with everything I think so far :)


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