Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Armani Manta Ray fall collection 2009

Armani remain one of my favourite brands, at one point I had a ridiculous amount of their stuff but due to some bad customer service and poor brand accessibility ( I don’t live near any of the stores so mail order) I’ve have barely ordered Armani over the last two years.
My luminous silk powder finally ran out and as this is a holy grail for me I had to get a replacement, naturally I had to order a few bits with it :)
I got the eyes to kill mascara, which I’ll be reviewing separately as I like to wear a mascara for a few days before giving my thoughts (this costs a fun £21!). I also got the two Armanisilk lipsticks and the sheer blusher all from the Manta Ray fall collection. I did contemplate ordering one of the new Eyes to Kill palettes but at £49 each I thought that was a bit steep.
I really like the Armanisilk lipstick formula, its creamy, pigmented and lasts very well. These cost £19 each. Shade #93 is a cool toned mauve rose. Shade #92, is a cool toned vampy plum, I think it has a slight grey tone to it.
I also got sheer blush #12, this is a beautiful cool toned subtle pink with shimmer. I really love this shade, as I find a lot of pinks turn out warm on me or have different colour tones, whereas this is a true pink. I will say this applies sheer, great for me as I’m really pale so one application is enough but I do think this will work best on lighter skin tones.
Lipstick swatches L-R shade #93, #92


  1. 92 is calling me - I saw this collection in Selfridges today and just had a look at the eyeshadow palettes - didn't realise they were £49 - blimey!

    Armani blushes are lovely, especially for pale skins - it's impossible to overcook these.

  2. I love the look of that blusher. I'm lucky enough to have a counter near me but the service there is awful, so I buy very little from them, the only thing I've loved enough to purchase is the Micro-Fil Loose Powder.

  3. I love the Eyes To Kill Mascara, wasn't as keen on it when I first began using it, but now it's my current favourite. Looking forward to your review of it.

  4. Hi Grace,

    Yes even for me they seem a bit pricey, #92 would suit you I would think, nice shade for fall x

    Hello Pinksparkle84

    Yes I don't know why a lot of them give bad service, doesn't exactly encourage repeat purchases ! I am really loving the blusher I must say. Thanks for your comment

    Hello Eva3,

    I think I am going to like it quite a lot too, judging by how it performed today. I was very surprised by how heavy it is though ! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Thanks for swatching! It looks gorgeous, all of it!

  6. Hi peachgirl,

    I am really happy with it all, makes me remember why I got so into Armani in the first place. Thanks for your comment x


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