Sunday, 20 September 2009

Rouge Bunny Rouge: Sea of Tranquility, Watch out Eve and Luminous Skin Wand

I got another liquid highlighter, this time in shade, 'Sea of Tranquility'. It’s a sheer pink opalescence and unlike sea of showers it only imparts a whisper of colour. Really pretty as a highlighter that looks very natural on.

I picked up colour burst lipstick in ‘Watch out eve’, this is described as a cool toned rosewood with silver shimmer and I’d agree although I would say it’s neutral rather than cool toned.

I also got the Luminous Skin Wand- Fine Spun Light, in the lighter shade Orionis. Whilst I don’t use a really pale undereye concealer (I don’t want to highlight my dark circles) this is a tad too dark for me. Texture wise it’s quite lightweight but not runny, it sets quickly and does not seem to emphasis fine lines. Coverage wise this is more of a concealer rather than highlighter ( so not like YSL radiant touch, Dior skinflash) so offers medium coverage. I however have very dark circles so use something more heavy duty ( Illamasqua concealer or Benefit erase pastes) in the inner bit of the under eye area and this on the rest.
RBR have just released two new products, a tinted moisturiser in three shades that is “Loaded with botanicals and skin protective ingredients, nourishes, hydrates and protects your skin” sounds good but I’d have to check the ingredients first with my sensitive, highly acne prone skin.
They also have a new mascara, called Modelling Mascara, which is meant to not clump and gives the "illusion of naturally curled lashes without the use of an eyelash curler" this does sound tempting although I am really pleased with my Armani eyes to kill so this maybe something I get at a later date.
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  1. You've made me wanna try one of those gorgeous liquid highlighters but I've put myself on project 10 pan which I'm seriously hoping I will finish before the 20% off promo code expires.
    Which one do you think suits fair skin best?

  2. I have the same liquid highlighter and the skin wand and really like them both. I'm also debating whether to buy one of the mascaras and the tinted moisturisers but am unsure which shade to buy.

  3. It's a shame that the concealer only comes in one colour.

    I love Sea of Tranquility - it's subtle and lovely. I'm considering Irreverence lipstick next - I want something slightly more muted than Whim of Mine. Any chance of lipstick pics?

  4. Hello Pinksparkle84,
    Yes, the 20% off is very tempting, Sea of tranquililty is quite subtle whereas with sea of showers I have to only apply a tiny dab. Missworthy has a picture on her blog wearing the sea of showers one, if you want a warm glow go for that one,if you want a fresh subtle look maybe go for tranquility.

    Hello Eva3,
    Thanks for your comment. It is hard choosing shades online, you called always email Zuneta to ask for a match in other brands for the colour shades offered in the tinted moisturiser as they are really helpful when I have emailed them in the past.

    Hello Grace,

    Sorry should have said it comes in two shades and the one I have is the lighter one (probably bit too dark for you as well)
    Did you want pictures of the lipsticks all lined up, swatches or both ?


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