Sunday 13 September 2009

Rouge Bunny Rouge: C Major - a Minor and Fire-Tailed Sunbird

Zuneta are offering 20% off RBR products for September only (code found at ). Naturally this was too good an offer to miss out on so I picked up some more bits to add to my rapidly expanding RBR collection. I got an eyeshadow duo in C Major - a Minor (Iridescent sheer mint and iridescent sheer lilac) and an eyeshadow in Fire-Tailed Sunbird ( peach with an iridescent pink running through). I really like these shades, RBR shadows have good colour payoff are really soft and blendable and last well.

I got some more items but I'll post about them once I have tried them a bit more. RBR is definitely in my top three brands and I'm looking forward to see what else they put out this year.


  1. Gorgeous colours - I'm planning a splurge after payday!

  2. Great review...I made too many RBR orders last week, but loving everything I got...except the big powder compacts are so hard to open, for some reason! I think i'm going to go for the liquid liners next.

  3. Hello Mizzworthy,
    I'll be interested to see what you get. Thanks for visiting x

    Hello Eva3,
    I was close to getting a liquid liner as well, but had to cut down my list as it was a bit excessive :) Thanks for your comment x

  4. OK so... so far from your blog ive decided i need the duo shadow and tongue tickles lipstick. Bad influence!!

  5. Hi Tali,
    Well I do like to enable :) Thanks for your comment.


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