Wednesday, 2 September 2009

YSL fall lips

I don't tend to buy from YSL as the few things I have bought in the past have been disappointing (eyeshadows, lipgloss) and I really dislike their packaging. That said I have heard a lot of raves for the Rouge Volupte lipsticks so knew I'd end up trying one at some point.
I had a look at the fall collection a few days ago and the Gloss volupte caught my eye. They have released four shades and three on them look REALLY bright in the tube (except shade #1, this is almost clear once applied so I'd give that a miss) .Straight away I wanted the frosted plum shade (#4) but they had not received shipment of this shade at any of the counters I went to so I settled for #2, chilled raspberry.
What we get is a sheer cool toned wet look pink,very wearable but not the most unique shade. Texture wise they have a lot of slip, are not sticky in the least, colour though very sheer is buildable ( but your not going to get the colour as it appears in the tube).
As they had some new Rouge Volupte lipsticks I got shade #20; spicy pink. This is a pinky brown (who would have guessed !) but it does have a noticeable mauve tone so if you are warm toned I'd avoid this one. Pigmentation is really good and the texture is creamy and the shade wears well. Both are £20 each and are heavily scented (fruity) I prefer unscented stuff ideally.
For me both shades are really wearable but not must haves, I think that #4 frosted plum maybe a bit more unique and as the YSL SA's said no where has stock of it I have taken that to be a challenge.... it will be mine :) I've updated my swatches as the light was poor the first time. On the left is Spicy pink, on the right is chilled Raspberry


  1. The packaging for these lippies looks lovely, I should really check them out.

    YSL do a lipgloss which is my HG, it's from the YSunL range and it's great. I have to agree with you on the dodgy packaging though, I don't like the way they have the "clicker" which produces more product right at the end of the tube. My Touche Eclat does that and everytime I finish using it I click the bottom and more comes out. Thanks for the frosted plum swatch, looks like my kinda colour


  2. I haven't seen these in person yet. will have to look. The colour will have to be really unique for me to justify the splurge. Thanks for the review!

  3. So pretty! I got RV #22 (the one from the ad-campaign) and it is oh so gorgeous, blackberry-ish shade. I want #20 too!
    Thanks for posting swatches!

  4. Hi Rhamnousia, thanks for your comment. Sorry I should have labelled them the pink swatch is of #2 chilled Raspberry. I think I may re-do the swatches though as the light wasn't good. I will get #4 Frosted plum at some point so will post that on here as soon as I do.

    Hello Michelle, yes, I think they are worth testing before buying, as I am sure a lot of people will not like the pigmentation of the volupte glosses. Thanks for visiting.

    Hello peachgirl, I did really like #22 but thought it maybe a bit too intense for my pale self :) thanks for your comment.

  5. amazing swatches thank u! Was curious about these!

  6. I love the YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks my absolute favourite is #7 Lingerie Pink but I also really love #19 Frivolous Pink and #2 Sensual Silk.


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