Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Closer look at Le Metier de Beaute glosses

I’ve been using my Le Metier De Beaute glosses quite a bit lately so I wanted to show you how they look on, however after endless attempts to capture the colour, I’ll have to admit defeat.
The only ones that turned out lifelike were Dubai and Peche. To compensate for this, I’ve done some more swatches and taken a picture of them all together.
I didn’t think to put any foundation/concealer on so ignore my skin!
Swatches/Picture L-R: Ibiza (shimmery peachy pink) Peche Lip Creme (peach with a slight golden shimmer) Bondi Beach (neutral browned rose), Dubai (shimmery cool toned pink), Bali (warm shimmery cranberry red).

Although the colours are sheer they are really glossy, combined with a lightweight texture that is not sticky or tacky, these are one of my favourite glosses.

For those in the UK you can only buy Le Metier from Liberty


  1. You've made me want Dubai even more. It looks lovely and I really like the sound of the texture. How do you find it compares to the Hourglass lipglosses?

    It'll have to wait a while though as I think I'm going to buy the Suqqu anniversary set that London MakeUp Girl posted about. I'm slightly stressed about the thought of the phone call though!

  2. Aren't they lovely? I have Cannes (or is it Nice perhaps, I forget) which is a lovely shimmery light pink and absolutely love its consistency. It's light and non-sticky, but lasts really well, whilst the shimmer is grown-up and elegant...

  3. Hi Jane,

    I'd say the hourglass ones are a bit thinner consistency and wetter than the Le Metier. The Le Metier last a bit longer on me.
    I like the look of the Suqqu set, hope your call goes ok, the lady was really nice but it got to the point where I could only think of stupid things to say when spelling everything out phonetically.

    Hello Nina,
    Le Metier and Hourglass are definitely my favourite glosses. Have you seen the Le Metier spring collection ? I'm very tempted by the eye kit even though they are not my normal colours.

  4. Hi!
    The Le Metier do sound lovely. Thank you for the comparison, it's really helpful.

    The call went ok, but I did have the phonetic alphabet up on the laptop just in case. I know my mind would have been a blank. I called Birmingham first and was crushed when they said they didn't take phone orders. They were obviously much quieter than London.

  5. Yes yes, these are on my loooong list! Leaving tomorrow, wIll be back on 13th June, with a heavy suitcase!!! xx

  6. Hi Jane,

    Thats a good idea about having the phonetic alphabet to hand, I may do a Le Metier order soon so I might do that just in case! How strange that the Birmingham store don't do phone orders, I know I have ordered Armani from them before, seems silly to make themselves so hard to get. I'll look forward to when you get your Suqqu x

    Hello Anna,
    You have probably gone now, but hope you have a nice trip, can't wait to see what you end up with x

  7. Hi!
    I checked my phone last night and discovered I'd had a call back from the counter manager in Birmingham. They would have been more than happy to do a phone order. I suppose the girls at the counter were just unaware. I'll have to check the message again for her name so I have it for any future needs!

    I'm really looking forward the package arriving. The camera is poised for blog snaps of course.
    Jane x

  8. Hi Jane,
    I bet the manager was a bit miffed to have missed out on an order! If you find out her name let me know please x

  9. I checked the phone message and her name was Rebecca. She sounded lovely and yes, I bet she was miffed at losing a sale!
    Jane x

  10. Thanks Jane, I'll write that down x


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